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Anhurian Fleet Pacified/Attican Conflict continues

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Anhurian Fleet Pacified/Attican Conflict continues Empty Anhurian Fleet Pacified/Attican Conflict continues

Post by Vasiil on Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:29 pm

Anhurian Fleet Pacified/Attican Conflict continues Mod%20NewsPresslink%20News%20Aggregator775502479mass-effect-citadel-logo
Citadel Station News

The conflict in the Attican Pact came to a climactic end last night resulting in the Geth Heretic portion of the attack fleet being destroyed by Alliance and Anhurian fleets supported by a strange surface based weapon. All Anhurian combat forces were given command to Gabriel Staffen by Martin Banner and Banner has passed the title of Reg'ys onto Staffen. The Alliance 5th Fleet is to disarm the Anhurians and escort them back to Anhur where their ships will be forced into grounding. There has been no indication as to why the Anhurian changed their sides so suddenly but more details seem to shine light on the subject.

On the surface of Tungel, citizens rioted and protested any Alliance occupation and accused Alliance forces of being allied with the invading fleets, as this is what they were told by their government. Evidence to the contrary was found on a facility upon the surface of Tungel. This facility was something known as a 'Dark Energy Reactor' and it generated the energy that fired the five projectiles that pulverized Geth dreadnoughts in an instant. Such a powerful weapon was being developed by not only Gatol but several Pact planets in a planned operation to build said reactors and weapons onto their ships so that they could conquer all Council and Alliance space. Due to the Anhurian and Geth attack, this outcome was never achieved.

All governmental documents were leaked to the citizen populace on Tungel to prevent further rioting. This action by Admiral Abner may have proven negative in some Pact planets where civilians are uprising and causing revolts against their government that is now going to require Alliance support. Every planet in Pact space with an exception of few are now engulfed in conflict though the plans for the Dark Energy operation never came into fruition.

If the Anhurians achieved their goal with Heretic support, it is unknown as to why they fired upon Heretic vessels. Many claim the Anhurians used the Geth and betrayed them though many experts call this uncharacteristic for Anhurian philosophy. It seems to many that there is more to the story that is as of yet still misunderstood or unknown.

In closing, with the disarmed Anhurian fleet being escorted to Anhur by the 5th fleet, several Alliance fleets are being scrambled to deal with the Pact situation though their numbers may be too scant. Citadel military support for the situation is being prepared by the Hierarchy, Asari, Salarian and Fushan Raloi. Banner having accepted command responsibility for the hot blooded invasion has passed his leadership on and has been put under custody by an Alliance military unit awaiting judgment by the Citadel Council.

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