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Breaking point

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Breaking point Empty Breaking point

Post by Kravis on Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:19 am

December 15th, 2226, Southern Civil District of Mare Nectaris, Luna

Breaking point Sci-fi-apartment-cyberpunk-apartment

A dark room is lit up by the warm glow of a small Christmas tree, no taller than four feet. Pictures line the walls of the small apartment. All showing a older man with a prosthetic arm usually wrapped around a smaller child with both of them having only a crack of a smile. Some pictures being old photos of the younger child playing sports or looking to the stars. A rugged, older looking man is in the kitchen preparing a small plate for himself. Not looking the least bit happy as he does so. A few bottles of beer and alcohol are either lined up on the counter or in the trash but the floor looks fairly clean and recently taken care of with only a few spots of alcohol seeped into the carpet. He fixes himself a drink and grabs his plate and slowly walks over to the living room before taking a seat in a large reclining chair with a dinner tray in front of him to put his food down on.

The man slowly cut into his meat and took a bite out of his food. He peered up at the line of photos on the wall and stopped chewing. He looked down at his food and then raised his hand to his face to rub the inside corners of his eyelids in stress. He sniffed and went back to eating his food quietly while Christmas music quietly played from the TV with a mixture of old music and new music.

Christmas Ambience:

Outside the room, down the stairwell and outside the complex strode a man in alliance armor. The gauntlets have been removed to show off a worn looking prosthetic left hand and a gloved hand supported by a exo-skeletal arm. He quietly looked up at the apartment building for a moment and pondered to himself deeply. He breathed in slowly shakily before reaching down to rub his prosthetic arm over his real arm. He paused for a moment upon feeling nothing and ceased his shaking. He looked straight forward and started to march towards the apartment complex. He entered through the front where the front desk representative was absent for a Christmas party. He slowly scaled the stairwell nearby and paused outside a apartment door where he could just faintly hear music on the other side. He remained quiet and contempt as he listened in for any noise. The sound of a fork and knife cutting into food is all he could make out.

The man looked down and knelt down. He pulled out a hidden key from underneath a potted plant and went to stick it into the doorknob's keyhole. He slowly turns the key and unlocks the door and then slides the key down into his armor's hardcase. The older looking man doesn't even hear the key turning and continues eating his food in peace while looking either depressed or tired. The armored man opened the door and stepped inside and caused the older man to jump. He stood paralyzed, having just gotten comfortable with his food and chair. He sat there with his hand patting the side of his chair for his hidden predator, which is on the floor from accidentally knocking it down in his fright.

The older man fumbled for words saying "Who the hell are you? How'd you get a key for this place?!" The armored man strode forward towards the man and remained quiet. The older man slowly scooted back in his chair and shook his head saying "I don't have nothin'! Leave me alone damn it!" The armored man pushed the tv tray aside onto the floor and spoke harshly while removing his helmet "No, You do have something. You have the last bit of insecurity of me stuck with you." He glared at the older man with his monstrous looking face. The older man widen his eyes in horror. But before anything could be done. The armored man lurched forward and wrapped his hands slowly around his throat. He began to choke and kick his feet as air was stuck in his throat.

*The music switches on the TV:

The older man's eyes started to turn red as tears formed in his eyes. He kicked and slapped the side of the man's armor with his arms as he choked out in emotional and physical pain "J-Ja--ck..P-l-eas-e...I-I." He twisted and turned as his vision began to slowly dim from the lack of oxygen. The armored man spoke not a word, hardly even breathed as he continued to choke the man with both of his hands. His eyes were red, but no tears fell. His monstrous gaze stuck on the man's face as he choked out for air.

The old man choked out a cry as tears streamed down his face. With his final struggle he choked out "I-I...r-eg-ret...ev-e.....thin-g.." his eyes slowly closed as he stopped struggling. His vision finally turns black as he's depraved of oxygen. The armored man remained holding onto his throat for a good, long three minutes before releasing his grip where red marks were wrapped tightly around the old man's neck. He looked down at him and said not a word to his pleas. He took a quick gaze around at his surroundings and felt only pain well up inside himself. He grabbed his helmet and slowly slid it back over his face to hide his expression. He turned and walked out of the apartment for the last time. Leaving the music to quietly play inside the comfy apartment.

*Closing song echoing from the apartment:
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