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Emergency Bulletin!: Attican Pact Attacked!

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Emergency Bulletin!: Attican Pact Attacked! Empty Emergency Bulletin!: Attican Pact Attacked!

Post by Vasiil on Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:20 pm

Emergency Bulletin!: Attican Pact Attacked! Mod%20NewsPresslink%20News%20Aggregator775502479mass-effect-citadel-logo

The Attican Pact has been suddenly attacked by a combined fleet of Anhurian and Geth vessels. The attack occurred days ago and word has just been received. The Rannoch Government has denied any involvement in the attack which has been confirmed by recent studies confirming the Geth forces present were from the split off 'Heretic' consensus that fought with the Reapers and have been a nuisance in Geth-Quarian space ever since. The Anhurian vessels have denied nothing and only short responses have been made in response claiming that the attacks are justified and true intentions will be revealed.

The Attican Pact Navy defending the borders were caught off guard and were completely destroyed by the hulking Geth Dreadnoughts and Anhurian Cruisers. Casualties inflicted were devastating. Reasons behind this attack and the newfound alliance between the Anhurians and Geth Heretics baffled experts seeing as the Anhurian Reg'ys, Martin Banner, was killed by the Heretics just two years ago.

A stunning 'revelation' was made, however as Martin Banner, a man who was thought to be dead for the past 2 years, responded to an interrelay hail from the Citadel Council demanding an explanation. Evidence of the audiograms so far have confirmed the voice to be Banners own. In his response to an outraged council, Martin Banner was quoted as having said "The usurpers in the Pact have not been waiting idle, they've conspired not just against the Alliance but against the galaxy as a whole. I come here to deliver justice and to save the galaxy from another disastrous event. You have proven yourselves unable to handle impending threats yet again, you've let galactic affairs spiral down since the end of our survival against the Reapers. Your time to make these decisions are over, I am making the decision now."

The combined fleet has jumped from the Ninmah Cluster where they began the invasion to the Kepler Verge where most of the major Pact powers are consolidated. The Alliance Fifth Fleet that was previously occupying Gatol has moved to intercept jumping straight from the Caleston Rift to the Kepler Verge to bring an end to this invasion. Citadel Forces are gathering fleets into a task force to invade Anhur and combat the Anhurian fleet now.

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