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Featured Product: Interdictors!

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Featured Product: Interdictors! Empty Featured Product: Interdictors!

Post by Vasiil on Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:19 pm

After years of co research and development between the best engineers of the Turian Hierarchy and the Salarian Union, a new class of ship has been born. Two interdictor cruisers have been built for both races respective navies and more are on the way as future purchases are predicted. The vessels utilize a slew of modern technology such as mass effect fields and ionization technology.

The Interdictors vessel main function is to disable nearby mass relays temporarily with an ionization field generator geared specifically for targeting and disabling the rings of a mass relay. The generators also have limited uses such as generating fields over single ships to disable electronically generated energy, thereby disabling a vessel. Using this tech on a vessel only works for a small amount of time, however and the fields are mostly meant for disabling rings of a mass relay.

Another addition to the Interdictor is a Mass Effect Drive Core capable of casting Mass Effect fields over vessels or formations of vessels and increasing the mass of said field, causing the targeted ships to slow exponentially. This tech has much longer time and practical usage and is meant to affect any given area for a good amount of time. The more concentrated the field is the more effective it becomes.

The last piece of an Interdictors arsenal is an array of tubes carrying the new Ionizing Missiles. A warhead that can be launched at great speeds to impact an enemy vessel and damage electronics with devastating effects.

The Interdictor is the only war ship that has no primary mass accelerator or thanix weaponry and requires the support and or assistance of a formation of combat vessels. The utility and usefulness of the ships, however, are undeniable.

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