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Manual Dossier: The Architect, Leader of the Remnants

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Manual Dossier: The Architect, Leader of the Remnants Empty Manual Dossier: The Architect, Leader of the Remnants

Post by Kravis on Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:38 pm

Select Personnel File.

>The Inusannon
>The Dictator
> The Architect:: The Architect selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Manual Dossier: The Architect, Leader of the Remnants 50F47FDA39E7F036AE087E5E10EDA0EF70C577CB
(The Architect, Photo taken from database scavenged from Far Rim station)

Name: Unknown
Alias: 'The Architect'
Gender: Unknown, Presumed male
Species: 'Remnant'
Ranking: Unknown

Physical Appearance:
A 10'6ft tall figure wearing what appears to be a exo-suit or a mech designed for all fronts of combat. His stature allows him to tower over most milky-way figures including Geth Primes. He speaks with a deeply, synthesized voice. Meaning he is hiding his true voice/identity. His mech-suit is colored white with glowing blue lights.

Unit Vocals:
Spoilers for DOOM Ending:
(Samuel Hayden, DOOM)



Presumed caretaker for the Far Rim station found housing a highly-advanced Dark Energy reactor.

Holds command over the drones combated by the 2nd MSRC dubbed as 'Remnants' by himself. He says in his own words "Your native languages have no title for us. We are Remnants of a long history with the Adversary.(Reapers)".

He (Or his suit) is capable of immense strength. Being able to subdue Arglack in close range with minimum effort. And being able to drag and throw Silvers to his death without struggle.

Suit is suspected to be immune to small-arms damage.

Has a goal of 'reuniting the galaxy' with the Remnants at the top. Either through peace or subjugation. See Prothean Empire history as explained by Archaeologist Liara T'Soni.

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