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Systems Alliance negotiates success

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Systems Alliance negotiates success Empty Systems Alliance negotiates success

Post by Vasiil on Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:33 pm

Systems Alliance negotiates success B04ad45a2bf7575b12595d392f3dcac4
Another step in the right direction.

After the decisive victory against Gatol and assumption of the position of leader of the Citadel Council, many of the old colonies of the Systems Alliance have started to look again at humanity's majority governing body in a better light. In the Armstrong Nebula, few planets have made appealed to the Systems Alliance to accept them back into the fold after successful referendums were held. As of right now, the Systems Alliance is recovering from the war and does not have the funding to re-integrate old colonies but hopes to in the very near future. Much of this future depends on the Attican Pact states re-opening their borders, another recent success story.

The Attican Pact decided to open its borders and establish trade routes through the old Gatolian routes. They did this, as they claim to find a good trade partner in the Batarian Confederacy but some systems wish to expedite into full blown trade routes between themselves and the AFS and Alliance once again. On some planets in the Styx Theta system, there have been rumors of political suppression of representatives who are willing to associate with the Alliance once again. There has been no investigations from any Citadel authorities due to the volatile nature of the situation.

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