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Gabriel Staffen Interview Transcript

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Gabriel Staffen Interview Transcript Empty Gabriel Staffen Interview Transcript

Post by Harus on Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:00 pm

Gabriel Staffen Interview Transcript
Interviewer: Staff Lieutenant Michael Wolff
Date: 9th December, 2226

StfLt Michael Wolff says "Hello Mr. Staffen."
Gabriel Staffen says "Eveneing."
*** StfLt Michael Wolff would be sitting up in a very proper manor.
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I understand you were picked up by my men yesterday. "
Gabriel Staffen says "Yeah. Gave me a lot of time to think about possible lies I could tell you."
*** Gabriel Staffen chuckles to himself "Well at least you're ready to question me now."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "It's always nice to have time to build an elaborate story. "
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I hope it's very convincing, you've had 24 hours now."
Gabriel Staffen says "Fortunately I have no reason to lie to you."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Very good this should be pleasant."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "So, Mr. Staffen. Why were you on Gatol yesterday. And how did you run into my men?"
Gabriel Staffen says "Thought you shoulda known this by now. I followed you after placing a tracking device on your ship. You found it and swiped it off at the Omega Relay but I was able to use your company net to track where you were going. I had already suspected Gatol, I knew that Banner knew about the Dark Energy reactor."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I just wanted to have it for the record."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Who do you work for Mr. Staffen?"
Gabriel Staffen says "No one."
Gabriel Staffen says "Previously I served on the Anhurian Security Fleet and the Anhurian Regiment."
Gabriel Staffen says "Though by now they''d classify me as AWOL."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "So what's your stake in all of this?"
Gabriel Staffen says "My son's what I care about most in this situation."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Your son?"
Gabriel Staffen says "That's what I said."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Can you elaborate on why you're worried about him?"
Gabriel Staffen says "Long story, I suppose I should start now."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "We have time."
*** Gabriel Staffen leans inward resting his arms on the table as he cranes his head to look at Staffen "I know of what my son has told me, it's a story that starts about a month ago when the Barbarossa was recovered in that gas giant where we thought it to be destroyed...Trigestis. It was a survey team from the Rannoch Government looking for resources that found it, the ship had been on auxilary power with shields just strong enough to keep the enviroment out. The six survivors put themselves in stasis pods. Two of which failed but Banner, my son Adin, the ships systems operator and a commando all survived."
Gabriel Staffen says "My son was the only biotic out of the four. At the time I was just glad that he was alive but my son was...Bothered by something, something he said was at the back of his head. He became reclusive for a long time focusing on meditating. Meanwhile Banner was growing our fleet and coming to me with intel from...I have no bloody idea where he got all this information, including the dark energy reactor but somehow he had it."
Gabriel Staffen says "He also started pursuing courses of actions that seemed to go nowhere but instability and turmoil. I thought he wanted to make wars to profit off of but...Well, it was a unlikely idea in my head, Banners just not that sort of person, it had to be something else."
Gabriel Staffen says "Then. One day my son came to me panicked, said he made a breakthrough that he was able to break a biotic hold in himself. He scanned himself and found a foreign substance in his brain, a thin membrane of some sort of supercell. I discreetly found a neurosurgeon I could trust and had it removed but Adin still complained that something was trying to get a hold over him.I was still concerned with finding out what the bloody hell that material was."
Gabriel Staffen says "As time went on his memories started to become clearly, he told me what really happened as he could remember it. Said that when the Barbarossa went down, something came to their rescue. He called himself Innusannon...This Innusannon's unlike anything I've ever heard of, Adin called him a white faceless figure of the same material we pulled out of his head. First thing this Innusannon did was save Banners life by replacing his destroyed organs with that material, effectively reviving him. He did similar things to eveyone else who was on the brink of death...His memory was foggy but that Inusonnan brainwashed them all, called them his new denizens, promised a future of glory where all living things become one."
Gabriel Staffen says "Pretty far fetched, right? But Adin had no reason to lie and that material was evidence enough for a story from my own son. He was scared shitless, though, he knew that Inusannon knew he pulled free which of course made him a liability. I got him away from Anhur and sure enough he was branded a traitor in some bogus scheme to extort civilians in New Thebes."
Gabriel Staffen says "Those men that ambushed you at Krot were Banners men. He's clouded in the head and I'm sure he felt no remorse about sending men to kill you and mop all this up but...It's not him."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "That is probably one of the most absurd stories I've heard. "
StfLt Michael Wolff says "But it sounds absurd enough to possibly be true."
Gabriel Staffen says "Just look at what's happened."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I'm sorry about your son, I have a son of my own, I couldn't imagine going through something like that."
Gabriel Staffen says "This fucking thing has goals, Banner was in stasis for two years and he just comes back a month ago?"
StfLt Michael Wolff says "And I was already suspicious of Banner since we traced that ship back to Anhur."
Gabriel Staffen says "Just when the Gatol situation that's affected the galaxy for a decade has been resolvd."
Gabriel Staffen says "I'm sure I skipped over some details explaining all that. I'll answer any questions you have."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Alright..."
*** StfLt Michael Wolff rubs his chin
StfLt Michael Wolff says "So Banner is trying to start a war with the Pact?"
Gabriel Staffen says "Banners brainwashed into wanting to, yes."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "And whatever these Inusonnan are, are influencing him to do so."
Gabriel Staffen says "He could be puppeted to carry out any manner of things alongside any number of people in similar situations. Assassinations, wars, hell maybe even bloody chemical bombings.""
Gabriel Staffen says "I know just as much as you do now, there's a lot more to figure out."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "So he could be responsible for the new genophage?"
Gabriel Staffen says "Not Banner persay but anything under the thrall of this Inusannon."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "You mentioned a neuroscientist."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "What was their name?"
Gabriel Staffen says "Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the galaxy has been going to shit the last 40 years."
Gabriel Staffen says "The Neurosurgeons old news. The material we pulled from Adins brain was minute in amount but had just enough to serve its purpouse."
Gabriel Staffen says "Blocked out his memory, influenced his decision making."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I just want to know their name to coroberate your story Mr. Staffen."
Gabriel Staffen says "Adin said it was his biotic abilities that he was able to push the influence of the material out for small amounts of time."
Gabriel Staffen says "The other three survivors weren't biotics, they didn't resist like my son was able to"
Gabriel Staffen says "The Doctors name is Sean Moss. Practices in New Thebes."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Thank you. Now back to the Inusonnan."
Gabriel Staffen says "Sannon."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Is there a distinct way of knowing if someone is being influenced by this material?"
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Anything you've noticed with your son?"
Gabriel Staffen says "The Inusannon cells all have trace amounts of element zero, the more there is the more prominent the biotic signature which manifests in the color green. Usually when someone is enthralled the tissue in their brain causes their eye color to change green, even glow slightly in some cases."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I see."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Vernon do you have any questions for Mr. Staffen."
1stLt Daniel Vernon says "You said that biotics are capable of being able to resist this substance. Do you believe we may be able to treat Banner?"
Gabriel Staffen says "My son did but Banners not a biotic."
Gabriel Staffen says "That's why he went to Confederacy space causing me to lose contact with him."
Gabriel Staffen says "Said he was looking for a nanotechnologist."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Someone who could create micoromachines to fight this substance?"
Gabriel Staffen says "That's why I thought but it's a longshot. It's still a infantile practice, no Prothean schematics to follow off of there."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "If you'll excuse me for a moment Mr. Staffen I need to speak privately with these two for a moment."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Do you need anything to eat or drink?"
Gabriel Staffen says "...Sure."
StfLt Michael Wolff radios in "Someone please grab some food and water and bring it to the Brig."
CW2 Rila'Feela vas Tora radios in "I shall, Levo?"
StfLt Michael Wolff radios in "Yes."
Gabriel Staffen says "Something you don't believe or trust about me?"
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I want to believe you. Your story is very compelling. "
*** 1stLt Daniel Vernon unlocks the door
StfLt Michael Wolff says "However, I need to meet with the members of my team before I say anything more. "
CW2 Rila'Feela vas Tora says "Mister Vernon, I brought that... Chilli and rice along with some water."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "Just a precaution, I'm sure you understand."
Gabriel Staffen says "Suppose so."
1stLt Daniel Vernon says "Thank you, Rila. Just place it on the table, please."
*** Gabriel Staffen pushes himself off the table sitting back in his seat
*** CW2 Rila'Feela vas Tora moved over to the right side of the table, placing a bowl that had a mixture of the rice into the chill with a spoon sticking out from it, she also placed down the bottled water and made her leave.
1stLt Daniel Vernon says "Thank you."
CW2 Rila'Feela vas Tora says "Always."
StfLt Michael Wolff says "I'll let you eat for a moment and collect yourself. We will return shortly."

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