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AAR 8th December 2226

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AAR 8th December 2226 Empty AAR 8th December 2226

Post by Harus on Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:49 pm

AAR 8th December 2226

Submitted by: 1st LT Daniel Vernon

Objective: Disable dark matter reactor on Gatol and recover plans for the reactor. Later, repel boarders.
Casualties: No deaths, but serious wounds for Sanilra, wounds for others, and serious 3rd degree burns for Miller.

Arrive planetside at surface entrance of facility
Gatolian loyalist forces attempt to repel 2nd MSRC, along with biotic and special forces team
2nd MSRC pushes into the facility, finding old Phazon mechs defending it
Phazon mechs become less found, until a science section/lobby is found, where none are found
Many headless bodies found here, along with datapads describing recent events
Datapads infer that the reactor had an effect on people, and people began killing each other
Reactor room found, however controls said to be in Sample Room
Keys to Sample Room found, where reactor schematics and details for mixture to self-destruct are found
2nd MSRC headed to lower level where mixture was made and inserted. 15 minutes maximum was given until self-destruct
On way out to evacuate, some sort of reanimated corpses began attacking 2nd MSRC on mass. These died to headshots, after which their glowing green eyes faded
2nd MSRC managed to exit the facility, however encountered three somewhat unnatural hostiles who demanded facility information. These hostiles seemed to heal themselves by touching a metal box filled with a white substance
Man by the name of Gabriel Staffen intervenes during the fight to assist, after which an extract is made
Staffen claims he has known Banner for a while, but that he is not to be trusted. He says Banner wants war with the Pact, and that Staffen’s son saw something that changed Banner

Four unidentified ships suddenly intercept the SSV Constantinople: Three Argos-class and one Berlin-class
Boarding action takes place, where some armory supplies are stolen
An attempt to upload intelligence is made and stopped
2nd MSRC barely manages to repel boarders, however systems need to be rebooted and repaired
Hostile who was vented from Berlin-class when atmosphere in ship was vented had been rescued with Kodiak by 2nd Lt Troy Hewitt
Hostile did not answer questions truthfully, except for the fact that their organization is called “Venir”

Assets found:
- Metal box that was filled with unknown white substance
- Schematics for dark matter reactor
- Mixture required for dark matter reactor self-destruct
- Gabriel Staffen

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