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Couple more orders of business

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Couple more orders of business Empty Couple more orders of business

Post by Vasiil on Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:13 pm
Subject: Some more organizational orders of business
Delivered 3 days ago

Alright, so we're gonna need some promotions once this campaign is over. Service Chiefs Arglack and Thatcher are gonna be section chiefs and have seniority over the other element leaders in their section so it makes sense to promote them to Gunnery Chiefs. Just need you two to sign off on it and we'll be good. As for Tactical Element 1-2, Corporal Millers in charge of it, he does good and maybe follows some orders without bitching about it we can promote him to Service Chief. I'll do that one myself if he's good. Oh, and Archuletas gonna be his assistant so we'll promote his slang speaking ass to Lance Corporal.

Serias about to stop being an apprentice and get to be a full blown Hospitalman, there's another one. We're gonna need a corpsman with some seniority in the field since Kota's mostly taking care of the navy crew. If Kim-Ly keeps her shit together she could be the new HM3. Yeah, lots of personnel management there but all you need to do is sign off on it all and you're good. After all this shits done I've already got clearance with 5th Fleet Command, we'll be able to have a short shore leave period, maybe Virmire or the Citadel or something, I guess I'll figure out all that for you guys as well. What would you do without me?

-OpC Compor, Droko

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