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Post by Vasiil on Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:47 pm

Invasion of Gatol

The 2nd MSRC would initiate the phases required for the invasion of Gatol before it even began. After receiving a faint signal from a possible Rebel presence on the planet, the company was deployed just after re activation. The company touched ground and made contact with the Rebel cells, assisted them in several key operation and allowed them to consolidate their cells into one Gatolian Liberation Front, with Henryk Mosely being made the figurehead. The company also learned of a planned raid of the Drell homeworld through a captured marine on the planet and warned the Drell ahead of time to safeguard their people.

After the Rebellion had been built they were told to let loose on the planets planetary defenses to allow for an Alliance invasion. 2nd MSRC returned to the 5th Fleet orbiting Virmire where they were joined by two other Alliance fleets and a Raloian flotilla carrying a division of Drell volunteers vying for revenge after the Gatolian raid. The 2nd MSRC deployed alongside the fleets and primary ground force, securing entry to the Gatolian Capital city, Stratham.

During the weeks long battle for the capital city, the 2nd MSRC would lose three marines in combat. Corporal Anne Elizabeth, Private First Class Connor Patel and Operations Chief Droko Compor would all give their lives to ensure Gatol would be free and safe. The Company uncovered and foiled a plan orchestrated by a faction of extremists in the Gatolian government aided by the SIU to overload a main reactor to destroy Stratham and toxify the entire surface of Gatol. Through the companies actions and they sacrifices they made, Gatol would be liberated, put once again under Alliance control and made safe to live on once again.

As of the present day, the actions of the Company have been kept classified to Alliance High Command and kept from public knowledge to ensure the continued success of future covert actions.

Saviors of Tuchanka

The 2nd MSRC would be the group to move into a plagued planet, completely cut off from the galaxy to find the source of the problem and end it. Tuchankas signals had long been blocked by an unknown jammer. The company embarked on the planet to get into contact with clan Raik who promptly explained the situation on Tuchanka. It was decided between Wolff and Banner to move into the Kelphric Valley to the site of the bombing and source of the plague. Every marine on the surface traversed dozens of miles through sandstorms, plagued air and crazed, infected Krogan who constantly hounded the group.

Eventually the company would find the Krogans super sized Tomkah vehicle, the Titan in a facility where the Architect had his constructs patrolling though had to find the parts to make it run again. After finding the parts, the company rolled out in the Titan and traversed hundreds more miles while be pursued by The Architects constructs. After travelling for days, the company made it to the Kelphric valley, where they would be approached by The Architect, demanding the marines use the evidence to his own liking then left the company to themselves.

Inside the city of the Kelphric Valley, the company found the Architects Jammer which had been cutting off the planet from the galaxy and in a nearby structure found a secondary missing STG team who had recovered evidence of the Architects actions which plagued Tuchanka, while trying to blame it on the salarians. Spectre Martin Banner decided to keep the evidence and do none of what the Architect demanded which resulted in a fight between the company and the Architect himself along with a massive construct.

The 2nd MSRC would be victorious in all of their objectives as well as gaining evidence against the Architect and uniting the Galaxy in a cause against him. Service Chief Sanilra Edoris and Private First Class David Weston would both give their lives to meet the ends of this objective.

As of present day, the actions of the 2nd MSRC would be known by all high Government Officials of every race but would not be readily available knowledge of the galactic public.

Rescuing the Council

While on the Citadel reporting information on the Architect, a plot by the Inusannon unraveled to have all the Council killed and the galaxy fall into further disarray to better his own plans. The Company was present during the attempt on Councilor Sparatus' life, who had suspected Councilor Akasis of being controlled. The Company saved Sparatus' life and proceeded to safeguard the lives of every other council member.

Afterward, the Company traveled to Akasis personal villa on Sur'Kesh and raided the area to capture him alive and cure him of Inusannon control. The company successfully executed their mission with no casualties while being discreet enough to save the public from further panic.

As of present day, these operations are highly classified.

Quelling of the Heretics


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Post by Vasiil on Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:09 pm


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