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Gatolian Invasion a Decisive Victory

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Gatolian Invasion a Decisive Victory Empty Gatolian Invasion a Decisive Victory

Post by Vasiil on Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:28 pm

Gatolian Invasion a Decisive Victory B04ad45a2bf7575b12595d392f3dcac4
The war comes to a close

   "Celebrations are being held after the reported success of Operation Revocation orchestrated and executed by Alliance Admiral Charles Abner after an unwarranted raid on Rakje. Reporting on the ground is Chuck Kennedy."

(The scene switches to an Alliance reporter on a Forward Base Camp near Stratham)

It's a warm morning on the surface of Gatol near the capital city of Stratham as the Gatolian army garrisoned have officially surrendered to Alliance forces. In conjuction with this surrender, many more stronger holdouts throughout the planet have surrendered. Though fighting persists by extremist forces in remote locations, the majority of the combat has come to an end.

Gatolian Dictator, President Solomon Cornett was not found in the aftermath of the siege of Stratham. Vice President Wilhulf Echols, however has prepared to negotiate the terms of surrender with Alliance officials. He along with other government figureheads have denounced Cornett of being a coward who abandoned his people in the end. The search for the deposed dictator continues in an effort spearheaded by Alliance Intelligence working in conjunction with ASOCOM.

In other news, investigations have opened up after allegations of crimes of war committed by a select few extremist cells of the Gatolian Liberation Front. Despite rumors stating the opposite, GLF Marshal Henryk Mosely is cooperating with the Alliance investigative teams. Furthering the controversy, his own second in command was accused of carrying out a massacre though Mosely insists the action was prevented by an Alliance unit known as the 2nd MSRC. Though, the company has now been confirmed as having been re activated about a month prior, there are no official records or evidence stating that the company ever took part in operations on Gatol.

Infrastructure repairs are already being made after damages to the Stratham's main reactor in a bombing campaign"
*The report continues on detailing further developments on Gatol in the wake of the wars end.*

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