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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire | PARQ Logging

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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire | PARQ Logging  Empty Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire | PARQ Logging

Post by Punished_Rhodesian on Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:35 am

The Crew Medical Condition thread is meant to highlight certain medical conditions of persons of the crew that needs to be taken accounted for in not just medical situations but in general, allergies, Mental/Medical Disorders as well as other conditions that may need to be taken.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (PAR-Q)
The PARQ is a Questionaire sheet that is encouraged to be filled out by crewmembers in-order for Medical Personel to file accurate reports on the physical well-being of the person in question. Corpsman is expected to hold 'interviews' with crewmembers one-on-one and fill this questionnaire out in their spare time and upload the data to this Data thread so that the relevant medical information is logged into the Alliance Medical System.

PARQ Format:
Name of Questioner: (eg; HA. Mary Sue)
Name of Questioned: (eg; Mne. John Doe)

- Personal Details -
Omniphone Number:
In case of Emergency contact: (Next of Kin)
Emergency Number: (Number of Next of Kin)

- Medical -
Do you have any conditions or allergies?: (YES/NO)
If YES, what are they?:

Do you take any Medications on a regular Basis: (YES/NO)
If YES, what do you take?:

Do you smoke: (YES/NO)
If YES for how long?:

Have you previously been pregnant?: (YES/NO)
If yes, how long ago?:

Do you drink alcohol more than three times/week?: (YES/NO)
If YES, do you have a history of Alcohol problems?:
If YES, for how long and have you received treatment in the past?:

Is your stress level high?:
If YES, why do you think so?:
Do you take any medication for your Stress?:


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