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<:: Local Data(La'Tash)>Celna>Security>Cameras>Live

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<:: Local Data(La'Tash)>Celna>Security>Cameras>Live Empty <:: Local Data(La'Tash)>Celna>Security>Cameras>Live

Post by Kravis on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:57 am

<:: Local Data(La'Tash)>Celna>Security>Cameras>Live Olivier-vernay-kim-humancolony-1

A live feed of what appears to be a colony opens up from a angle on the edge of the compound. It seems to be a camera mounted on the security walls nearby. Salarians, humans and some asari walk around a colony nearly the size, if not larger, of Horizon. Suddenly a explosion rocks the camera as a wall is blown out on the far end. People yell in panic while colony police look on in confusion. The feed shows a squad of krogan charging through the gate with each member wearing either a black, red, or gold armor equipped.

The Krogan raise their weapons and start shouting at the colonists. Some of who appear to be surrendering before they're gunned down by the krogan in the streets. Colony police quickly move in position to return fire on the force before two kodiaks swoop down overhead. They land in different parts of the colony and begin offloading even more krogan into different parts of the colony

Fighting breaks out as civilians rush into a shelter near the far end of the colony. Colony defenses start to activate. Some being destroyed by the krogan soldiers with heavy weapons. A stay grenade whizzs out and hits the base of the camera tower. Causing the screen to static and break up for a moment. When the camera turns back on it is pointed towards the sky with what appears to be two krogan ships in orbit, one appearing to be the size of a cruiser and the other a frigate. The camera quickly loses power from being destroyed.
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