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Post by Kravis on Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:18 pm

(Link to Roll Guide giving a summary of how combat works and how rolls work: Here.)

Down below I will be showing example situations on how our combat system works to help those who are still confused, If you have any questions then please reply down below and I will explain and provide a example when possible.

Situation one:

The 2nd MSRC is traveling in a squad of five people. For now we'll just call them the Infiltrator, Vanguard, Engineer, Soldier, and Sentinel. They are suddenly engaged by a EVENT CHARACTER (This is not a NPC, It is a player.) and the fight starts with a opening /event (usually)

Unknown (Event Player): /event The squad is suddenly engaged by a hail of gunfire coming from the left, A large, menacing krogan rushes at the squad with a Revenant in hand. He pauses and raises his gun while activating his tech armor.

Keep in mind Krogans have a set roll of 30.

Unknown: /event The Enemy's turn begins.

Unknown: /event The Krogan targets the Vanguard and fires a flurry of rounds towards their center mass.

Unknown has rolled a 53 out of 100

Vanguard has rolled a 67 out of 100

Unknown or Vanguard will react, usually a event team member will specify what happens but if you /me then what you did is what will be taken icly. Since we assume most people just react to the /event.

Unknown: /event The Vanguard manages to evade the attack by quickly bringing a front-facing barrier up.

The Event Player can go on to attack more times if he wishes to do so. Once he is done this will show up.

Unknown: /event It is the marine's turn.

EVERYONE will roll and the EVENT PLAYER will roll as well. You MUST beat the EVENT PLAYER'S ROLL for your attack to be successful. And if the player has a set roll IE Krogans have 30. You MUST Roll above 30.

Vanguard has rolled a 23 out of 100

Soldier has rolled a 56 out of 100

Infiltrator has rolled a 0 out of 100

Sentinel has rolled a 46 out of 100

Engineer has rolled a 76 out of 100

Vanguard takes this moment to get in cover instead of attacking (23) / OR / Vanguard attacks with a quick burst from his shotgun, But it seems to not do as much damage as he had hoped. (23)

The (23) represents what they rolled. It helps event team SO MUCH when you show what you go to make it easier to backtrack and look for your actions. And be advised, if you roll below and lose the attack. Don't be discouraged to see your action not show up. You gotta understand we work with a lot of people during those turns. Some people may get forgotten simply because their attack failed. But we will ALWAYS try to include those who win a roll to show you doing damage.

Soldier loads and fires a quick concussive shot at the krogan. (56)

Infiltrator raises his sniper rifle and goes to fire, but his gun jams from a malfunctioning thermal clip. (0)

Sentinel bring up his omni-shield and grabs his SMG. He fires a burst into the Krogan's head. (46)

Engineer fires a quick blast of overload to fry the Krogan's shields. (76)

Unknown: /event The Krogan's shields fry out as the Engineer's overload displaces into his armor. Causing the Sentinel and Soldier's combined attack to blow open a hole in his chest. He falls onto his back and quickly dies from his wounds.

Obviously some event characters will go on for alot long. But that is how the gist of the turns work. Think xcom 2 with xcom turns and advent turns.

LAST NOTE: If you have a roll bonus, Take it upon yourself to add it to your base roll. Say you're a CQC spec doing a CQC action. You roll a 40, You do (40+10) at the end of your /me.
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