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2 Week Timejump

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2 Week Timejump Empty 2 Week Timejump

Post by Vasiil on Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:54 pm

The SSV Constantinople has left Gatolian space after completing it's mission to grow a rebellion. The 2nd MSRC successfully brings up to date intelligence to the 5th fleet and allows for a coordinated invasion plan between the Alliance Fleets and the Rebel Army. In the wake of Alliance military buildup, several military support missions from Citadel Races launch to assist the Systems Alliance Fleets preparing to launch an invasion. Out of all the Citadel Races, only the Raloi send a Flotilla of vessels to assist in combat operations, being coupled with a volunteer division of Drell Militants.

The military buildup, being staged in AFS territory, is projected as being two weeks to prepare for both staging and planning. During this time, the 2nd MSRC is granted leisure time to prepare themselves. The following crew have undertaken these specific actions:

Service Chief Thatcher begins an intensive PT program to train the company.

Corporal Edoris conducts a CQC and combat training regime to prepare the company.

Doctor Oboro Khoda sets up her lab.


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