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AAR: 2224

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AAR: 2224 Empty AAR: 2224

Post by Vasiil on Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:16 pm

Loading Field Report

>Selected AAR #454

SUBJECT: After Action Report

1. This after action report is prepared by [Gabriel Staffen]

2. The following is information regarding the contingency itself:

Deployed Location:  Trigestis, Chomos, Phoenix Massing, Rannoch Government Space

Duration of Prior Reconnaissance: 1 Hour

Duration of Action:  2 hours

Contingency Purpose: Investigation of Geth Heretic Activity

3. Potential Sources of Supply: N/A

4. Objectives Completed: Evacuated Fleets Safely

5. DB Count

Allied Infantry lost: 12

Allied Infantry Wounded: 33

Hostile Infantry destroyed: Unknown

Allied Equipment lost: SR1 Barbarossa

Hostile Equipment lost: Unknown

Detailed Report
The Action started when the Geth Heretic cruisers uncloaked. Normally we'd be able to handle something like that but they were on our flanks and close. No thrust for a pivot turn. Banner made the decision right away, we were on a frigate, most able to maneuver so we got in position and sent our cruisers on a faster thrust rate. It didn't take long for the Heretics to take out our shields then the hull started breaking away. My ship didn't stand a stand chance and emptying our load of Javelins only slowed 'em down. We may have disabled one ship, I can't remember.

It was clear Barbarossa wasn't gonna make it. Our next step was to evacuate the ship. We had a few engineers keeping critical systems in check while everyone else made it out. Banner kicked the helmsman out of his station to evacuate. Adin and I were using our biotics to contain internal explosions. I wouldn't have made it out but I failed to account for my 360 security and a piece of debris struck me on the back of my head...I'm told my son levitated me into a son. It should have been the other way ar-...

The crew of the Barbarossa all made it out alive with the exception of a dozen brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Among these was our Reg'ys, Martin Banner. This AAR is going to be made public knowledge because we all realize it's what we deserve to know. Their final actions mirror what our very culture stands for and they've proven the integrity of us all.

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