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Bastards! Empty Bastards!

Post by Vasiil on Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:06 pm

Bastards! Mod%20NewsPresslink%20News%20Aggregator775502479mass-effect-citadel-logo
Citadel Station News

Breaking News! Rakje, the new Drell homeworld has been raided by a Gatolian Fleet! The attack happened several hours ago and details are still unable to be discerned.

Rakje, a well developing and economically growing world was raided by Gatolian forces in what many experts call an effort to gain resources for more military expansion. However, many are completely dazzled as to why the Gatolians would risk such severe political backlash. "They must need the resources for something big, what it is I don't know but they're pretty confident in it." says Hierarchy analyst Tarus Borus.

The attack was not completely fatal as many suspected as the local Drell military forces were warned ahead of time. An action that has been accredited to an Alliance Commando unit operation within the borders of Gatol. Despite the damages being softened, there is political uproar as both the Drell and the Hanar further push for Council action against the rogue state.

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Bastards! Empty Re: Bastards!

Post by Kravis on Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:35 pm

Recent statement released by Rakje Defense Minister Arakriel Celembrios, former Council spectre:

"This attack was a disgusting show of the State of Gatol's true intentions that they are nothing more than slugs who feast on the accomplishments of others. I have the Systems Alliance to thank for warning us of this unprecedented attack against my people. It is because of this that I and our leader, Kolias Dantrial, have pledged to support the Systems Alliance in their actions against the State of Gatol. Anything they ask of us we will be willing to provide."

"And to those of who serve Gatol, You have made a grave mistake following a band of worthless politicians who would attack innocent planets for resources of all things. May the gods have mercy on your souls."
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