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Draven Miller

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Draven Miller Empty Draven Miller

Post by Kravis on Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:51 am

Draven Jack Miller

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Draven Jack Miller is a former N7 Commando who served alongside the decorated 2nd Marine Special Reconnaissance Company during the Reaper War. He was present during the fall of London and has been credited for saving the lives of hundreds of survivors who were stuck deep inside Reaper territory. After the war had passed, Miller went on to work for a Construction Union on Luna in the Mare Necataris Cities but has since then retired to a small home in the Southern districts and has not been active with the public for the last ten years.

  • Early Life
  • Military Career
  • Reaper War-era
  • Post-War

Early Life

Draven Miller was born in 2160 in Northern America, Earth to his father Lance Miller and his mother Natalie Miller. His early life consisted of accounts of abuse from his father due to his father's drug addiction. His mother, Natalie, ended up divorcing Lance in 2168 and took Draven Miller to live in the colonies on Earth's moon, Luna. There he took small jobs to help his family get by and landed a permanent job working as a welder for the worker unions there.

When Miller was 17, his mother passed away from a hereditary disease and left Draven with a small apartment loft with the last few months of the year paid out. Instead of trying to find a better position in the union he worked in. He ended up selling most of his belongings to afford a shuttle ticket to the Northern cities of Luna where the Systems Alliance recruitment office was. When he finally turned 18 he put his plan into action and signed up for the military. He recounted it as being "A chance to go out and do something memorable, meet new people and see something that wasn't just white rocks, dust and banged up old houses."

Military Career

Miller's first true mission was apart of the last phase of the Skyllian Blitz where he was assigned to a ground team responsible for assaulting and uprooting the pirates and slavers entrenched on Torfan. During the fighting Miller recounted that "Most of these guys were scum, shitheads, who didn't deserve some of the mercy we gave to them. But I had a run in with a pirate that I took down. My superior ordered me to finish him off and take his corpse outside with the others. And, I don't know, something just sort of clicked in me. That isn't something I was okay with, I ended up giving the batarian some medi-gel to keep him alive before I tossed him in with the corpses. If he was lucky then he played dead until we left, Because no one else there was gonna let him off that rock alive."

Miller ended up serving in small incursions and battles while in the Alliance Military, Later on before the Eden Prime war he ended up joining the N7 program and was undergoing studying and training all the way up until his designation of N6. It was at this time that he was assigned to Captain Fredrick Haddock who was suppose to evaluate his performance and report back to finalize his training. But their session was broken up after the Geth invaded Eden Prime where they were stationed. Draven Miller lead the militia and the Alliance Marines there in a counter-attack against the Geth forces to try and push them back from the colonies. After Commander Shepard repelled the Geth threat, Miller stayed behind to help deal with the remaining Geth planet side and assisted with cleanup operations.

Miller's next two years remained unremarkable. He was postponed on his N6 training after the Battle of the Citadel and was delegated to providing training to new Alliance Marines on Earth.

Reaper War-era

Miller recounted that in the beginning of the invasion "The sky tore itself apart and hot magma rained down from the heavens above and incinerated anyone on impact lucky enough to have been underneath it. Because they didn't have to suffer through the rest of the war and died instantly." Draven Miller was cut off from most of the Alliance and instead took shelter in the various torn up buildings of London. Miller ended up stuck there for months on end where he took refuge inside Big Ben. It was during a mission that the 2nd MSRC moved in to secure a asset from deep inside enemy lines that Miller regrouped with them and the survivors he had been leading since he lost his hideout inside Big Ben.

Miller served with the group and over the course of the fighting he suffered a grievous amount of injuries while the 2nd MSRC was stuck in the Italian Alps. His legs were crushed beyond repair and his arm was shattered into multiple fragments from a hybrid Reaper unit. He underwent extensive surgery to replace all his injuries with prosthetic cybernetics. His friend at the time, Dylan Oshner once remarked that he thought "Pieces of Miller got left behind in the Alps, and not just his arm and legs. He wasn't the same after that."

At the end of the war, Draven Miller was promoted to his N7 designation by the leader of the 2nd MSRC at the time and he went on to join in the final charge against the Reapers in London where he became separated from the squad after a Reaper beam wiped out a number of soldiers and incapacitated numerous others.


Not much is know about Draven Miller's life after the war ended, He was welcomed as a local hero when he returned to Luna, but years spent working in the construction union after the war helped him fade into obscurity. He's known to have fathered a son, Jack Dylan Miller (Dylan being a honorary namesake for his friend, Dylan Oshner.), who currently serves in the Systems Alliance Marines.

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