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Doctor Oboro Khada

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Doctor Oboro Khada Empty Doctor Oboro Khada

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[Dr. Oboro Khada]

Doctor Oboro Khada 6117-08742211en_Masterfile
Oboro Shizune Khada
Age: 76

Dr. Oboro Shizune Khada (Born Oboro Kotta, July 18th, 2150) is a former Systems Alliance fighter and current biologist and physicist who has developed theories on how the Reapers were created and a possible, faster way of transporting people through deep space. Her knowledge on the subjects made her keep a position at Kyoto University as a top researcher of Biology and Physics. Her studies have garnered issues within the scientific community because of procedures operated - whilst not illegal were highly unethical in certain aspects due to the nature of her tests for her doctoral thesis in Biology.

  • Early Life
  • The Reaper War
  • After The Reaper War
  • Controversies
  • Personal Life
  • See Also

Early Life

Oboro Khada was born under the name Oboro Kotta to her parents Rin Fukuyama Kotta and Koze Kotta and was raised within Kumamoto, Japan[1] to a long line of doctors dating back to as far as the second world war.[2] It was only natural for her to take up the mantle as another doctor in the line of duty. Instead of signing up for the Alliance Marines at the age of eighteen like most other recruits she took off for four years of schooling at a school that offered a four year MD plan. In regards to this plan, once she finished her job she joined the Alliance Marines and became a soldier in the Corpsman specialization. Serving under Staff Lieutenant Calvin Price for most of her time on the SSV Nanking, attaining the rank of Chief Hospitalmen. Oboro was known to have minimal casualties during her time under the Nanking; however during the Reaper war things changed. According to eyewitness accounts, Oboro's team was attacked by reaper forces in Nice, France. There were only a few survivors. Oboro Kotta, Eric Smith, Branden Peterson, and Diane Pike. Due to their highest ranking soldier excluding Oboro being a corporal Alliance assets distributed the four into different companies in order to fight the Reapers.

The Reaper War

Doctor Oboro Khada Gina-Heng-300x300
(Oboro Shizune Khada during military service)

Full Article: SSV Nanking Attack On Nice, France

Oboro Khada was attacked in France with the SSV Nankings crew, there mission was to gather intelligence dedicated to stopping reaper encounters.[3] However, this did end badly however as a Reaper Unit known as a Brute singlehandedly demolished three of their crew-mates in a row, followed by a Reaper Lazer disintegrating her commander right in front of her[3]. Her position as a Chief Medical Corpsman was lost, but retainned soon after as she was transferred to the 2nd MSRC under Adande Greene. After this incident, whenever she was in the field of combat no other fatalities were reported except a small percentage.[2]

During the Battle of London, Oboro was repositioned again to the front lines, handling personal intake and helping take care of any personal that were injured during the battle. Nearing the end of the Battle Of London, Oboros Right Arm was severely crushed by falling debries and was proceeded to be stepped on by a brute. If the Reapers were not destroyed at that instant she would be dead.[3]

After The Reaper War

After the Reaper War Oboro Khada changed her name fully to Oboro Khada, which was her original families name, and was given a honorable discharge due to her service in the reaper war and her right arm being unable to be used. For the first year after the reaper war, Oboros arm was repaired and given back its organic look, with a more metallic bone structure and repaired flesh and muscle tissue.

During the time period, she went to offer her studies to Kyoto University and proceeded to teach and research. Obtaining her doctoral thesis in Biology. (See Controversies) On the tissue samples that were still preserved from the Reaper war and a doctoral thesis in Physics, which focused on theories of faster ways of travel because of the Andromeda Initiative - and theorized and created a 10% faster way of traveling - despite it being unstable and unable to be used in such a large scale.

She has also obtained two master degrees in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, however they seem to be there for purposes pertaining to her Physics thesis.

On 11/10/2226 It was reported that Oboro has resigned from her teaching studies at Kyoto University and has since rejoined with the newly recreated 2nd MSRC as a researcher.[5].


Oboro Khada's Biology Degree has met resounding mixed reactions within the scientific world. The Biology thesis was focused on Reaper Unit flesh and how they were created fully. With Oboros studying, she garnered samples from the now defunct Cerberus that was known as an ally to the Reapers. She has also used test results from Cerberus involving live interactions within the Reaper war - alongside her own gathering of samples during her time serving with the SSV Cairo and SSV Nanking. In 2210 her Biology Degree was met upon a board of scientists, which gave her the ability to keep her doctorate despite it being unethical, as it has not broken any laws pertaining to the usage of Cerberus Material.[4]

Personal Life

Oboro Khada met and married her husband, Jhin Matsuoka at the Kyoto University in 2190. She has one son, Ryoma Khada[5]

Oboro Khada has had prior issues with PTSD and was soon cured of it within 2193 with help from Jhin Matsuoka and other mental health professionals.

See Also

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[1] Japanese Census
[2] The Medical World As We Know It
[3] Echos From The Past, The lost of the Reaper War: Calem Faulkner
[4] Cerberus Sympathizer in our colleges?: Zemif Gadri
[5] Oboro Khada's Personal Website (Kyoto university)

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