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Flynt C. Thatcher

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Flynt C. Thatcher Empty Flynt C. Thatcher

Post by SlyCoopr on Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:16 am

Flynt Cole Thatcher

Flynt C. Thatcher 1ptveTR

Flynt Cole Thatcher (Born September 24th 2157, Died March 17th 2206) is a former Alliance marine and is the son to Cerberus agent Eamon Thatcher. Flynt is a well known member of the 2nd MRSC, usually seen as one of the faces to the unit including Martin Banner, Adande Greene, and Travis Kelce and is the second longest serving member in the unit after Adande Greene. Thatcher would formally exit the unit a year after the Reaper War to undergo training to become N7. He also adopted a young orphan named Emma Wilson (now Emma Thatcher). Years later, Flynt would marry Rachel Elizabeth, a former member of the 2nd MRSC.

During the year 2206, Flynt would suddenly drop off the map, going MIA and after a week was declared KIA. After his death, his daughter Emma would take up his mantle on the 2nd MRSC and continue the Thatcher legacy.

  • Early Life
  • Military Career
  • Flynt's Final Mission

Early Life

Little is actually known about Flynt's early life as he was abondoned by his father when he was a child and grew up on the streets. Thatcher has only commented about his childhood a few times in his life and was always rather vague on the topic.

Military Career

Things become clear when in 2178 he joined the Alliance Navy. Flynt was average in most fields, but reports stat that he was a 'prodigy' when it came to close quarters and hand-to-hand combat. After a few years being placed in several different assignments through the years, Adande Greene had asked that he be transferred under him in the 2nd MRSC. Flynt Thatcher joined the unit as a Private Second class and would remain for several months. During this time, reports stat he became close friends with Private First Class Arnaud Palmer, who would tragically die when he gave his life to save another marine's during a Geth attack. Flynt became distraught and would become heavily intoxicated from grief and would become a general issue to the crew. After many people came to Greene about booting Thatcher, Greene instead talked in private with Thatcher for about three hours. The day after showed immediate results as Flynt had quit the drinks and started rising the ranks. After the years past and the Reaper War raged, Flynt peaked in rank after being promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Strangely, his rank had dropped back to PFC during the war and he would rise back up to Service Chief before his departure, why this happened is not known and crew members refused to ever comment on this.

Flynt Thatcher's Final Mission


This file has been pulled and will not be reentered until declassification in the year 2306.

  • Travis Kelce
  • Rachel Elizabeth
  • Jason Kelce
  • Cerberus
  • Kyle Vernon
  • Martin Banner
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