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Rachel Elizabeth Thatcher

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Rachel Elizabeth Thatcher Empty Rachel Elizabeth Thatcher

Post by Sargo922 on Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:48 pm

Rachel Elizabeth Thatcher

Rachel Elizabeth Thatcher (born August 8th, 2165) is a distinguished and veteran Alliance Marine still in service today, she served as part of the 2nd MSRC, being one of the original members of the crew to survive the Reaper War and beyond. During the Reaper War, she was listed as MIA during combat in London, however resurfaced several years after the war and resumed service alongside the 2nd MSRC, before eventually marrying Flynt Cole Thatcher.

Rachel still serves as part of the Alliance Marine Corps as a Major aboard the SSV Tokyo.

  • Early Life
  • Military Career
  • Business Ventures
  • Personal Life

Early Life

Rachel Elizabeth was born August 8th, 2165 to Mercury Torch and Jane Elizabeth, who served aboard the Alliance Cruiser SSV Caen. She had a single brother, Kyle Torch. It is unknown as to why her father and brother did not have Jane's last name. As her family was transfered from post to post, ship to ship, Rachel and her brother became more intrigued and attached to life in the military, with both of them enlisting when they became of age. Kyle Torch joined the Alliance Fleet, whilst Rachel joined the Alliance Marines.

[This Section is Under Construction, changes to be expected]

Military Career

Rachel showed an aptitude during basic training for caring for her fellows, both in exercises and classroom studies, always willing to offer a helping hand to those who needed it. This caught the attention of her instructors, who made her a fireteam leader during her time at basic training. Upon graduating, she was posted aboard the SSV Caen once more, where she served under Captain Jace Tryan. The Caen was responsible for mostly guarding convoy routes, causing Elizabeth to not face much combat during her time aboard it.

Several years later, she received, shortly after the Battle of the Citadel against Sovereign and the Geth, she received a letter from the Alliance, notifying her that both her Parents, and Kyle had been killed during the battle, all three were serving aboard Alliance Cruisers that were destroyed when they attacked Sovereign. Impatient to wait any longer, she put a transfer in to a front line post, which was quickly accepted and she was sent to the SSV Vanguard, where she served alongside it's marines as a Tech Specialist. The SSV Vanguard, being apart of a newly minted Citadel Task Force, was under the command of a Turian Admiral, who was apparently always willing to sacrifice ships and soldiers while keeping Turian assets safe and secure. During one operation, Elizabeth and her team were almost killed when the Turian Admiral ordered two Cruisers to bombard a position from orbit that her team was attacking in order to prevent it from harassing a Turian platoon that Elizabeth's squad was providing support to.

Actions such as this caused Elizabeth to greatly resent the Turians, almost going to the point in which she refused to work alongside them during ground operations, however, she would eventually transfer to the newly minted 2nd MSRC, under the command of future Spectre Adande Greene.

Her behavior towards Turians became more neutral, although she held a high disdain for the Turian Military as a whole, she was very respectful of Turians serving in the 2nd MSRC. Elizabeth would participate in every conflict the 2nd MSRC was involved in up until the Reaper War, serving with distinction, eventually reaching the rank of Service Chief.

During the Reaper War, Elizabeth was apart of the 2nd MSRC unit that was assigned to the London War-zone, and during heavy combat, was listed as MIA after her position was assaulted by a Banshee, and her body was never found. Further information about the period between her being listed as MIA and reappearing have been listed as Classified by Alliance officials, who refused comment.

Elizabeth continued service in the 2nd MSRC after the war, eventually marrying her fellow soldier Flynt Thatcher, adopting his last name, and the two would continue to serve until the unit was disbanded.

She would also pursue and successfully complete the Alliance's N7 Program.

Rachel would continue her service in the Alliance Marines, serving in key peacekeeping conflicts, receiving commendations and medals for ensuring the safety of civilians and non-combatants in areas she was assigned to. Rachel would eventually reach the rank of Major, being given command of the SSV Tokyo's marine compliment. She would also spend several months working alongside Salarian and Turian militaries as an Alliance attache, to promote good-will and cooperation between the factions, most, if not all records of her deployments at this time are classified by both Alliance and Council sources.

[This Section is Under Construction, changes to be expected]

Business Ventures

Rachel would assist her friend Travis Kelce by doing some recording for Elizabeth's Early Childhood Education Videos.

[This Section is Under Construction, changes to be expected]

Personal Life

While mostly dedicated to the Alliance Military, Rachel eventually married Flynt Thatcher, taking on his last name and also helping raise his adopted daughter, Emma Thatcher, and both of them would eventually name Travis Kelce as Emma's godfather. Eventually, she and Flynt would adopt a second daughter, Anne Elizabeth. A year later, Flynt Thatcher would be listed as MIA, and Rachel would spend much of her R&R time trying to locate him with the help of former squad mates. After years without any results, Rachel would eventually give up the search, resuming her duties in the Alliance Military and taking on her former maiden name of Elizabeth, her daughter Anne would also take up that name.

[This Section is Under Construction, changes to be expected]


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