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Jason Kelce

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Post by Harus on Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:21 pm

Jason Kelce

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Jason Joe Bocephus Kelce (Born August 27th, 2160, Died June 20th, 2186) is a former Alliance soldier and cultural icon. He served with the 2nd MSRC under Commander Adande Greene until his death at the hand of the Reapers in New York. He is regarded as the bridge in Human-Quarian relations.

  • Early Life
  • Military Career
  • Legacy

Early Life

Jason Kelce was born on August 27th, 2160 in Heaven, Texas. He was the third born son of Jeff Davis Kelce and Varina Howell Kelce. Jason Kelce was a gifted student athlete, being offered a full ride scholarship for baseball at Texas A&M. Jason Kelce would graduate early from Texas A&M with a doctorate in Marine Biology in 2184 and enlist in the marines.

Military Career

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Jason Kelce's relationship with Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople has been the basis for many movies, shows, and books since the end of the Reaper War. The highest grossing film on the subject, "Two Species, One Love," grossed over six trillion dollars in 2276. Their relationship has also been embodied in the Kelce's Kool Kream flavor "Human-Quarian Swirl."

In 2200, genetic testing revealed that Jason Kelce had sired an Asari daughter in 2185 after a one night stand on the citadel. His daughter, Lysinna T'Kelce, currently serves in the Alliance as a Human Resources Officer.
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