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Travis Kelce

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Travis Kelce Empty Travis Kelce

Post by Harus on Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:20 pm

Travis Kelce

Travis John Kelce (Born March 1st, 2139) is the Former Governor of Texas and retired Alliance Soldier. He previously served in the 2nd MSRC under Commander Adande Greene from 2183-2186 and again from 2187-2188. In his time away from the 2nd MSRC, he led the 76th Texas Guard during the Reaper War. After the war, he was the 87th Governor of the State of Texas. He is among the shortest serving governors of Texas and the shortest serving governor of Texas that did not die while in office.

After his tenure as Governor of Texas, he returned to the 2nd MSRC to fight the Leviathans. He was present in Seattle along with Commander Greene when the Leviathans struck. After the Leviathans' defeat, he retired from military service and published his memoirs, "The Kelce Playbook," which would become a best seller. He is currently running for the 36th Council Senate Seat against the incumbent Eliza Klentun.

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Early Life

Travis Kelce was born on March 1st, 2139 on the Kelce Ranch in Heaven, Texas. He was the first born son of Jeff Davis Kelce and Varina Howell Kelce. By time he had reached the age of 18, he would have 11 other siblings. He has seven sisters, Anne Kelce, Brittany Kelce, Elizabeth Kelce, Luanne Kelce, Connie Kelce, Rebecca Kelce and May Kelce. He also has four brothers, Jason Kelce, Donald Kelce, John Kelce, and Floyd Kelce. Travis claims that he got his unorthodox debate style from one debate club meeting in which he says "I was so good, they kicked me out to spare the feelings of others."

Military Career

In 2157, Travis Kelce enlisted in the Marines in response to an unknown alien's attack. He was quickly pressed into the 2nd Fleet which would liberate Shanxi. The young Private Kelce was among first wave of a combined Marine and Army invasion to land on Shanxi and one of the few survivors of the first wave. Kelce would soon catch the attention of his superiors when John Coretairmaster, Juan Leetsi and he charged into enemy gunfire to disable an enemy emplacement that was keeping the second wave at bay. Their actions would allow the second wave to land with far less casualties than the first wave. After the beachhead was secure, humanity began to push the Turians off of Shanxi. There are reports of Kelce and his men being ambushed by a much larger Turian force with Kelce being the only survivor on both sides. [Unconfirmed]

After peace had been brokered, Kelce was assigned to the 76th Texas Guard where he would begin taking night classes for Marine Biology at Texas A&M. After earning his degree, he enlisted in OCS. Kelce would become a 2nd Lieutenant in 2175. He was stationed aboard the SSV Alamo which would be docked on Elysium when the Skyllian Blitz occured. Kelce once again found himself pressed into battle (while hungover and half naked) by the soon to be Commander Shepard. After the Batarians were pushed back, Kelce found himself in charge of a retalitory raid along with a man that would become a good friend of his, Martin Banner.

[This Section is under construction]

Political Career

After the conclusion of the Reaper War in 2186, Travis Kelce returned to Texas. He claims to have grown distraught with the rebuilding process so he set about shaking things up by running for Governor against the incumbent Aaron Mycenre, an Alliance appointed Governor. Kelce annouced his campaign in front of a newly rebuilt Alamo that he had paid for. Due to Kelce's military career and defense of Texas, he had the popular support. A failed assassination attempt occured when Kelce was giving a speech live before millions of people, a Turian biotic had teleported in behind him and he was able to kill the Turian using his prostetic hand and omni-gauntlet. This is widely credited with winning him the election.

Kelce stayed true to his campaign promises of cutting off aid to alien planets and redistributing that aid to not just Texas but Earth and human colonies. While Texas, Earth, and humanity's colonies benefited from Kelce's policies, the rest of the galaxy did not. It is believed that Kelce's policies played a role in the famine that occured on Turian colonies after the Reaper War.

[This Section is under construction]

Business Ventures

Shortly after leaving the 2nd MSRC for the last time, Travis Kelce opened up his first ice cream store in Houston, Texas. His business would expand rapidly across Human worlds and by time he opened his first store on the Citadel, he was ready to start aquiring the competition. His first acquisition was Dex's Dextro Delights, a Palaven based Ice cream business that specialized in dextro ice cream. At first, he would kill the brand but later he would revive it under the Kelce's Kool Kream name. Kelce would continue to aquire more and more ice cream companies until he commanded 90% of the industry. He has recently started venturing into other markets as well.

Kelce's Kool Korporation is a Conglomerate that has assets in many different markets. The company's newest asset is the Juan Leetsi's Mustard brand. As of Feburary 2190, Kelce's Kool Korporation makes up a whopping 3% of all Galactic business.

Travis Kelce built his company up to as much as 10% of all galactic business according to modern estimates. The brands that he introduced up to his retirement in 2239 were Morello's Anti-depressants, Primus Pancake Mix, Thatcher's Irish Whiskey, Elizabeth's Early Childhood Education Videos, and many more.

[This Section is under construction]

Personal Life

Travis Kelce has sired 36 children in his 144 years alive. Travis Kelce has used his retirement to persue much more exotic ventures such as varren hunting on Feros.

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