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Kyle Vernon

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Post by Harus on Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:06 pm

Kyle Vernon

Kyle Vernon was born on the Systems Alliance colony of Elysium in 2158, his mother a local and Alliance politician and his father a surgeon. Kyle's upbringing was comfortable, with wealth not being as much of an issue in the family. Despite this, his parents encouraged learning skills in the possibility that he would ever have to fend for himself.

Kyle scored well in schooling, and passed without much incident. However, at the age of 14 the Skyllian Blitz occurred, and he was forced to defend himself against a Batarian, using lethal force with a pistol. After gaining a place in university, he went on to complete a degree, and upon completion went on to sign up to the Systems Alliance Marines, training as Intelligence. Kyle's first assignment was to the 2nd MSRC, where he continued to serve throughout much of its action and after the Reaper Wars.[1]

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Career and Positions

Kyle Vernon is currently a General in the Systems Alliance, Commandant of the Marines, and has served throughout all of the conflicts involving the Alliance since 2184.[2]

He is also the CEO of Kyle's Kool Korporation, which has Hades Corporation as a subsidiary. It has a number of business operations, including medical, pharmaceutical, weapons manufacturing, mining, energy and infrastructure. Kyle has used this company to deliver much of his rebuilding assistance and charitable works.[3]

Time and Galaxy magazine have listed him as their person of the year after further developments in life extension technology by his company. They also credit his dedication to helping rebuild the galaxy after the Reaper War.[4][5]

In addition, Kyle Vernon has titles including, but not limited to:
- Duke of Wellington
- Count of Munich
- Maquis of Marseille
- Marchese of Milan
- Patriarch of the Asari Republics[6]
- Honorary General of the Turian Hierarchy[7]
- AAA trader of the Volus[8]
- Oscars winner for best actor
- Hugo Award
- Spectre[9]

Kyle's mother and father are still living, despite the tumultuous events of the Reaper war. He is married to Rebecca Kelce and has two children: Daniel Vernon and Marcus Vernon.


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