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Ruined Bloodline

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Ruined Bloodline Empty Ruined Bloodline

Post by Kravis on Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:22 pm

August 12th, 2189, Southern Civil District of Mare Nectaris, Luna

Ruined Bloodline 4490119-3451747029-latest

<:: Audio log #19 (2189) "Post-war thoughts" start.

"So, Yeah, I don't know why I'm starting this but I had a thought that this would come in handy in the future somehow. Maybe get rich off of first-account documentation. I don't know, Anyways, Came back to Luna, not for training, but to get a idea of who was left. And... Uhem.."

The recording keeps going with a quiet sigh and what sounds like someone rubbing their face.

"There wasn't anyone left, I knew Mom and Dad died awhile back but, I couldn't find my stepbrother. Found out he was one of the few billions on a MIA list, so I've come to terms with him most likely being...Dead. No cousins either, I haven't heard from any of them. My uncle actually survived, But he's in a rough state right now. Far as I know, my family tree just got a whole lot smaller..I've gone and-.."

The recording ends on the beginning of a sigh.

<:: Audio log #19 (2189) "Post-war thoughts" ends.
<:: Audio log #21 (2196) "Nothing left." start.

"Haven't heard from the crew in awhile, Banner's been out of reach for a while now, which is fine by me. He always freaked me out bit. Let's see, uh...Greene's gone. I don't know where he went but I haven't gotten anything from him. I think he's back on Earth but we don't talk much anymore. Had a bit of a falling out with the War being over and everything. So I've gone ahead and left him be. I talked with Vernon a few times on Luna when he was passing through Earth and Luna. He's keeping tabs on people but I really haven't bothered him about it. As of right now I've hung up the armor and took up a job working the Unions here on Luna, trying to fix everything. Still haven't heard anything from the rest of the family..Uncle Hunter died a few days ago from surgery complications a few years ago so..Yeah, that wound's still fresh. I'm the only one now."

<:: Audio log #21 (2196) "Nothing left." end.

<:: Audio log #30 (2207)"asdaw" start.

The sounds of someone drinking is heard. Scuttling around is heard with a young child's voice heard sighing.

"Jack, bring me my other bottle." . . . "Dad, you already want another? You haven't fini-" "Do as I say, son, And bring me the other one already." . . . "You do your homework?" "...No, I've been helping you all day." "Go do your damn homework, son. Don't come out of that room until you're done."

*Sound of a thud and a bottle breaking*

"Son of a bitch! JACK!" "I-I-I didn't m-mean it dad! I accidentall-" "There ain't no excuse for being clumsy! Come here! Jack. JACK! I SAID COME HERE!"

*Sounds of a struggle, a crying child. Sounds of a hand slapping someone.*

"Go to your fucking room and don't come out!"

*Sound of a child crying and running off.*

"My fucking Jim Beam, I spent seventy credits on that fucking bottle!"

*Sound of someone stomping around, stepping on glass, The Audio recorder is heard being pushed against and it falls onto the ground, sound of a crack.*

<:: Audio log #30 (2209)"asdaw" end.
<:: Audio log #31 (2221) "Goodbye" starts.

"...Dad, I'm making this as a reminder for why I left. I found out what happened to mom a few years back. I know why you didn't go back to the military. But staying here is torture, and I'm not going to live my life like this just because you want me to. I joined the Alliance to get away from you. At this point I don't think you're ever gonna change. I really wish that you could but, it's just a fantasy thinking at this point. If you ever do change, Then you'll know where to find me. If you don't, well, I guess the bottle is a better son than me. Goodbye, Dad."

*Sound of door opening up. Audio recorder is heard being tossed on a table*

"Jack, the fuck are you dressed up i- No. Get that fucking thing off!" "No dad. I'm leaving, I'm done with your fucking bullshit." "What did I fucking tell you about joining the military?! There's no use for hero's anymore, son. Now take that fucking uniform off and listen to me!" "Get out of my way dad." "Jack, Get back! You LISTEN TO-"

*Sounds of a struggle. Older voice heard gasping as a punch is thrown across someone's face. Someone falls on the ground.*

"Jack....JA-A-A-ACK! Don't! You walk out that door then you NEVER come back here, You hear me?!"

*The room falls silent then a pair of boots walks out of range of the recorder.*

"Jack Dylan Miller!....JACK!...JAAACK!"

Sounds of a man slamming something cybernetic on the ground with pain in his voice.

<:: Audio log #31 (2221) "Goodbye" ends.
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