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Servers Soundtrack

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Servers Soundtrack Empty Servers Soundtrack

Post by Vasiil on Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:00 pm

The Architect/Remnant Music

The Architect Suite:
The Architect Combat Suite:
Remnant Combat 1:
Remnant Combat 2:
Remnant Combat 3:
Remnant Combat 4:

The Innusanon Music

The Medbay:
ME2 Creepy Mix:
Dark Star:
Attack of the Drones:
Fish in a Barrel:
Ephyra Streets II:

The Venir Music

Venir Passive:
Venir Suspense 1:
Venir Combat 1:
Chase/Time-is-of-the-Essence Combat:
Venir Combat 2:

Generic Combat Music

Rescue Tali:
Arlakh Company:
Ontarom Combat:
Tuchanka Combat:

Generic Ominous/Creepy/Suspense Music

Cyone/Atlas Station Ominous:
Return to the Citadel (Vanguard Aaetrius):
Prison Ship:

Emotional/Mourning Music

Wake Up:
ME3 Dream Track:
ME3 Main Title:
Take My Hand:
Goodbye, Thane:
I'm Sorry:
Moment of Silence:
Lost Without Them (Lost Without You slowed):
Vigil (Slowed Down):
Convergence (Slowed Down):
Liara's World (Slowed Down):
End Of An Era (Slowed Down):
An End, Once and For All (Slowed Down):
The Last Butterfly:

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Servers Soundtrack Empty Re: Servers Soundtrack

Post by Lapis on Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:05 pm

Updated with a majority of my PlayX bookmarks.
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