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Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis

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Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis Empty Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis

Post by Vasiil on Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:51 pm

Rolling in the server will be used just as we did before. When engaging combat with a event character, The battle will go in turns. The beginning turn, unless stated otherwise, will be the event character. They will choose people at random to fight or action towards before they end their turn. Their rolls must be beat if you want to avoid damage or a possibly fatal attack. When the turn switches to the crew, everyone will roll and preform a action based around the power of that roll. Everyone's roll will be taken into account by the event character and once a certain threshold is met, the character will die or submit.
(Example of crew /me.    */me attacks with a blast of incinerate to the mercenary's back. (43)* fourty-three resembles what they rolled.)

However, certain characters will be granted roll bonuses based on their training or seniority with the crew or their race. This allows the character to roll above a certain amount. Meaning if someone had a roll bonus of 15, they can only roll above 15, if they roll a 2, it's made into a 15. Rolls are typically split between general rolls and specialized rolls.

Characters with general rolls.
These characters have either extraordinary circumstances or extensive training and character development that allow them to have a minimal roll in a large variety of actions.
Spectre Martin Banner - N7 Spectre, Inusannon Super Cells - Cannot roll below 50 in all actions
LtCmd Michael Wolff - N7 Spectre - Cannot roll below 40 in combat actions
1stLt Daniel Vernon - N7 Officer - Cannot roll below 40 in combat actions

Characters with rolls for specific actions.
These characters have either a minimal roll for one type of action or two types of actions, and are either the result of training or extensive combative history.

Class Roll Bonuses
General rolls pertaining to a person's class. NOTE: You must take account to remember this yourselves and add it to your rolls accordingly. Event Team will not be able to remember entire sheets.
Adept - Plus 15 roll bonus on all biotic actions
Engineer - Plus 5 combat in the defense, Plus 10 roll in any action having to do with technology and machinery(Inluding synthetic and robotic enemies)
Infiltrator - Plus 10 bonus in all stealth actions, Plus 5 marksmanship bonus when taking the time to aim at a specific target
Sentinel - Plus 10 defensive bonus when tech armor is active and undamaged, Plus 5 bonus to biotic actions, plus 5 bonus to all actions pertaining to technology or machinery
Vanguard - Plus 10 rolls on all biotic actions in CQC situations, Plus 5 roll for non biotic actions in a CQC situation
Soldier - Plus 5 general roll for all combat actions in the offense and defense with a plus 10 roll for respective MOS specialty
CQC Spec = 10 Bonus in CQC situations
Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman = 10 Bonus for offensive actions at a medium range
Grenadier, Missile specialist = 10 Bonus when using explosives
Corpsman = 10 Bonus for anything to do with medical

Race Roll Bonuses
Every race has their pros and cons. Here you'll find out what makes your race unique. In every race there will always be something they will excel at.

Human = +3 for any action in combat for human adaptability.
Turian = +10 for working in unison with another player for a combined attack as a result of Turian discipline.
Asari = +10 for all biotic-based abilities due to natural biotics.
Salarian = +5 to marksmanship attacks and +5 to explosive attacks for STG sabotage doctrines.
Krogan = +10 for all strength related actions for obvious reasons.
Volus = +10 for support actions I.E protecting someone else for being a auxiliary unit in militarys.
Drell =10 to all stealth actions for their flexibility and notoriety as assassins.
Vorcha = +5 to personal defensive actions and a +10 to CQC actions, -20 to any intelligence based actions.
Batarian = +8 to all CQC actions as a result of Batarian's brawler tactics and a result of raiding experience.
Geth = +10 to all engineering actions and a +5 when attacking organic opponents.
Quarian = +10 to all engineering actions and a +5 when attacking synthetic opponents.
Raloi = +10 to all personal defensive actions due to their speed and bone structure.

Enemies with minimal rolls
Yeah, the bad guys have minimal rolls too. This is to even out the score with some more developed characters but to also give the players a sense of threat when one of these enemies show up. Most of these apply to races, but some do apply to specifics.

Geth Colossus - 60
Geth Prime - 50
Krogan - 30
Vorcha - 25
Enemy Biotic Operatives - 20 for biotic actions
YMIR Mech - 45
Thresher Maw - 60
Remnant Mecha-Worm - 65
Remnant Blade - 30
Remnant Hunter - 40
The Architect - 70

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Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis Empty Re: Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis

Post by Lapis on Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:18 pm

** Updated with recent enemies.
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Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis Empty Re: Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis

Post by Kravis on Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:31 pm

Race Bonuses added
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Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis Empty Re: Roll System and Bonuses By Kravis

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