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Chasing Ghosts

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Chasing Ghosts Empty Chasing Ghosts

Post by Pepper on Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:38 pm

"I'm a war hero, I'm N7, I'm a proud father, I've helped defeat the Reapers, and I've saved so many people. So.... Why am I so filled with regret?"

These words echoed in Kelce’s head as he swirled his drink around, he had become rich and successful but something felt….missing. Kelce felt hollow and he knew it was because Thatcher was missing. It had been 11 years since Thatcher stopped responding to his calls and messages, Kelce was an optimist but he knew that after 11 years, the odds were not looking good for Thatcher. Kelce arose from his chair and walked over to the window, staring out into the Serpent Nebula before him. Kelce focused in on his own reflection, “What good is money and influence if you’re not going to use it?” Kelce finishes his drink and agrees with himself “You’re right, if there’s something you want done right, you gotta do it yourself. Alliance be damned.” Kelce walks to his desk and begins typing on his terminal.

Good afternoon,
I hope it’s afternoon wherever you are, Vernon because it certainly isn’t here. It has been a while since we’ve talked and I do believe that it’s criminal. We should get together sometime and relive the glory days. We could meet on the Citadel if that doesn’t inconvenience you any, my treat of course. I look forward to talking with you once again.

Have a great day,
Travis Kelce

It’s certainly been too long, I’d enjoy a good talk. I can head to the Citadel very soon. Things have been going steadily along for me, but I miss some of the action from the earlier years. Success has made life a bit too dull, I’m sure you can more than understand that. I’ll be on my way, we’ll meet up shortly.

Kyle Vernon

A few days passed before Kelce and Vernon were once more united, the duo sat down for lunch at a moderately-priced restaurant in the Presidium. Once their drinks were served and food was ordered, Kelce shifted in his chair and turned his attention to Vernon, “So Lord Vernon, what crazy adventures have you been getting yourself into?”

Kyle took a bite of food before responding “Money definitely became less of a problem after the war. I got some nice, steady income from the titles, made some investments. But most of it I put into the rebuilding process, and I guess it’s starting to pay off. The military takes its’ time out of me, though. Most of all, I miss some people. A lot of people died then.” He trailed off before continuing “My son’s 15 now. I have a good feeling about him.”

Taking a swig from his glass, Kyle sighed “But it’s good to see you again, Kelce.”

Kelce chuckles and takes a swig from his drink, “It’s good to see you too, Vernon. I must say you’re lagging behind in the natural instinct department though. I have a son that’s 15 and a great-grandson that’s 18, with many more between that.” Kelce wipes away something from the corner of his mouth and his demeanor changes, “Surely you understand that I didn’t just invite you here for pleasantries. There’s someone I need to find and I know you are a man of means when it comes to intelligence. It’s Thatcher, Vernon. I want to find him, dead or alive.”  

Kyle smiled softly, responding matter of factly “We all have our secrets. Thatcher is perhaps one I didn’t expect to become so important. You see Kelce, he made me promise not to tell anyone where he went.” He pauses for a moment, looking down “But the years keep passing, and I’m not so sure what happened to him.”

Downing the rest of his drink, Kyle continued “This was something really personal for him, though, you know? I’m not sure I’d be comfortable letting everyone know the whole story. Not just yet.”

“I believe the circumstances are different, Vernon. I’m not some Alliance spook trying to find out if someone is Cerberus or not.” Kelce says before chuckling and winking at Vernon. Kelce cuts into his steak, “I’m the Godfather of his daughter, Emma. I believe her and I are owed an explanation and peace of mind. Her most of all.” Kelce places a piece of steak in his mouth before looking to Vernon. Kelce comes to a sudden realization, “You son of a gun, you know where he’s at. I can promise you I won’t tell anyone but Emma.”

Kyle nodded, though pivoted his hand in an unsure manner “I know that he went to the Black Garden System. He came to me asking where he could find some technology a Cerberus splinter group were going to get their hands on. Those guys were nothing but trouble, so I thought it would be best for them to be dealt with.”
Leaning further back into the chair, he continued “That said, his father’s remains went missing around that time. I don’t know the history between those two, but the type of technology that Thatcher was going after seemed to be a good lead if he ever needed any. Not that I can say for sure.”

“Check please.” Kelce motions to the waitress. “I’m sorry but I have to go, Vernon. I just received information relating to a friend of mine. I’m sure you understand.” The waitress hands Kelce a datapad and Kelce signs off, “Always tip twenty percent.” Kelce stands up and wipes a few crumbs from his shirt. “We’ll have to meet up when I get back, Vernon.” Kelce turns to leave before stopping and chuckling, “You know, Vernon. This is the most I’ve ever heard you talk.”
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