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GyC Raik Arglack

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GyC Raik Arglack Empty GyC Raik Arglack

Post by Arglack on Fri Nov 16, 2018 1:43 am

Select Dossier File.

> Raik Arglack :: Raik Arglack Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:

GyC Raik Arglack 55fa50b8cbe2e148aa26db6a598cb315

Name: Raik Arglack
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Krogan
Age: 503
Origin: Tuchanka-born
Ranking: N/A
Identification Tag: 5124-9512-RA

Physical Appearance:

7'6 ft , Black Crest / Plates / Tan Skin, Hide / Red Eyes / Several Scars over his visage, most looking old by now /

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Training/Experience Information.

Training: Soldier  
Assignment: 2MSRC
Operational Status: Active - INFECTED
Previous Occupation(s): SvC at the 2MSRC, The Raik Clan
Specialization: Close Quarters Specialist
Awards/Decorations: UNKNOWN
Battle/Service Record: UNDER REVIEW
Date Joined: 2186
Casualty Classification: N/A
Time Within Company: Roughly 40 years


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: 2MSRC , The Krogan
Listed Liked Factions:  Humans
Listed Disliked Factions: Salarians, Batarians
Listed Neutral Factions: Turians, Asari
Hostile Factions: Slavers, Pirates

Personal Relationships.



Sanilra Edoris: She's a good girl, always enjoy talking to her when she's around; other than that she's a good combatant, but I guess that comes with being an Asari Commando, or, well, used to be.

EDIT: We've got to know each other more, she's supportive over the situation that's happening on Tuchanka, we get along well.

ALI-EDI.10478: Connie, my old friend, it's good to see you back.

SvC Emma Thatcher: The other Service Chief on the crew, daughter of Flynt.. we have good talks. I don't know where he is now, but i'm sure he'd be proud of where you are currently.

EDIT: I'm so sorry about what happened.

OpC Droko Compor: This batarian has surprisingly good leading skills; I may not like them, but this one is starting to grow on me.

EDIT: I like him, he's a good guy after all, even if him and Miller went through some complications, but I guess I won't get in the middle of it

Jack Miller: Draven's son, wasn't expecting to find him here; seems like he doesn't likes his father much but he's a good kid. Recently he had shit happen to him, just hoping this won't scar him for the rest of his life.


1stLt Daniel Vernon: He's a good marine, puts his biotics to good use; he proved to be a worthy individual back at the prison, I want to see more of that.

LCpl Genesis: He's odd, usually he's standing there staring at me, or we'll talk about something completely random.. or he'll breach into rooms using a sniper rifle.

Anne Elizabeth: She's alright, we don't talk too much, but she's proven herself good.

EDIT: Damn those fucking gatolians.. they'll pay.

HA Nguyen Thi Kim-Ly: She's odd, think I should put her in a ring against Genesis to see who wins that competition.

EDIT: Poor lad has no experience with all this, i'm starting to like her but, she also needs to get used to this so more people don't die.


Jarik Kinaro: Stick your nose out of shit that doesn't matter to you, poster child.


Douglas Boidheach: This man has been showing to be better than I expected him to be, he knows how to order things around and deal with problems whenever should they arise.. he's a good man with a clean head on his shoulders, and I like that.

Michael Wolff: He's a tough one, but that's what makes this human show, very responsible.




Personal History.


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GyC Raik Arglack Empty Re: GyC Raik Arglack

Post by Arglack on Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:45 am

Added some Relations
Added Age
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GyC Raik Arglack Empty Re: GyC Raik Arglack

Post by Arglack on Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:18 pm

they did surgery on a grape
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