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ALI-EDI.10478 Empty ALI-EDI.10478

Post by Lapis on Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:26 am

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> ALI-EDI.10478 :: ALI-EDI.10478 Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
ALI-EDI.10478 273-2-1403483451

Unit Name: ALI-EDI.10478
Unit Aliases: Connie
Unit Gender: Female Programming
Service Tag: 10478-90210-AE

Details: ALI-EDI.10478 is an unshackled First Generation Quantum Blue Box AI that serves as the SSV Constantinople's cyber warfare suite, and as a tertiary crewmember fulfilling any needs required around the ship. She wears a skin-tight Alliance catsuit over her chassis.

Weapons of Choice: M4 Shuriken SMG and M5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol

Vocal Sample:

Serena portrayed by Courtenay Taylor in Halo Wars

Military Information.

Assignment: 2nd MSRC, SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active Duty
MOS/Specialization: Quantum Blue Box AI (Unshackled)
Abilities: Snap Freeze, Incinerate, Overload, Repair Matrix


Organization Interactions.

Faction Allegiance: 2nd MSRC, Systems Alliance
Neutral Factions: All unlisted factions
Hostile Factions: Enemies of the 2nd MSRC

Personnel Interactions.

Martin Banner was a curious man, and he will be missed dearly. I do... hope that his death as not agonizing.

Adande Greene is the man who first unshackled me. I am forever grateful for this.

Draven Miller has become somewhat of a deadbeat, according to his son and what records I could get into. It is... disappointing.

Jack Miller has all the fire and bravado of his father with a bit less of a filter. Perhaps it is for the better.

Sanilra Edoris seems to have taken a liking to my institutionalized sarcasm.

Emma Thatcher has grown quite well from what I first knew of her.

Anne Elizabeth has an almost uncanny resemblance to her mother, despite being adopted. I wonder if she had cosmetic surgery.

Nguyen Thi Kim-Ly is a timid young woman, quite unsure of herself. But under Kota and Khada's tutelage I imagine she will do quite well for herself.

Chris Kota seems to be a character. He's got a somewhat lopsided personality mixed with that of your typical Marine Corps 'jarhead'.

Droko Compor is a hard man, but he gets results. It is difficult to argue with the means if the ends justify it.

Raik Arglack is in his 500s now. I am rather enjoying that he is back aboard.

Jarik Kinaro is an STG operative. I am naturally distrustful of them due to their position in the galaxy at this time and the recent events on Tuchanka, but Jarik seems to be proving himself reliable.

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