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Company Rank Structure

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Company Rank Structure Empty Company Rank Structure

Post by Vasiil on Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:20 pm

Highest to Lowest, with pay grades.

[O-4] Lieutenant Commander(LtCmd) - Lieutenant Commander is the first rank of Field Grade Officers. LtCmd is typically the XO of a battalion or a vessel or officers in charge of operations in a higher echelon or in similar specialized positions. Alternatively, they may be COs of a smaller vessel or specialized SF companies.

[O-3] Staff Lieutenant(StfLt) - StfLt is the third officer rank and the highest rank of Junior Officers before promotion to the first Field Grade Officer rank, LtCmd. Staff Lieutenants are experienced officers proven to be competent. They are usually commanders of companies or staff officers of important sections such as intelligence.

[O-2] First Lieutenant(1stLt) - 1stLt is the next rank carried by officers. First Lieutenants are more experienced than Second Lieutenants and are therfore placed in more difficult positions such as leaders of specialized platoons or Executive Officers of a Company or a Staff Officer at the battalion level. Promotion to First Lieutenant is usually an automatic one.

[O-1] Second Lieutenant(2ndLt) - 2ndLt is the entry level rank for Officers in the Alliance having just completed their Officers training. Second Lieutenants are usually given a platoon to command with an experienced Gunnery Chief to assist them. In the 2nd MSRC, 2ndLt's may act as an XO or the Officer in charge of a team.

[E-8] Operations Chief Major - WIP

[E-7] Operations Chief(OpC) - Operations Chief is the senior most Enlisted rank working in positions from Companies all the way up to Divisions. Ops Chiefs assist and advise Flag Officers and above. They also act as Chief NCOs in charge of all Higher Enlisted in their unit. In the 2nd MSRC there is only one OpC who serves with the Company Command Team.

[E-6] Gunnery Chief(GyC) - Gunnery Chief is a Platoon and Company level rank. Gunnery Chiefs are senior NCOs and act as leaders and advisers to Officers. Gunnery Chiefs are also responsible for NCOs under them and making sure they do their jobs to lead the marines under their command. In the 2nd MSRC, a Gunnery Chief is a senior NCO position and can be Senior Element Leaders.

[E-5] Service Chief(SvC) - Service Chief is the standard rank for leaders of small units in the Alliance Marines. In typical marine units they lead squads or elements and are responsible for the well being and discipline of the marines in their small units. In the 2nd MSRC, Service Chief is the baseline NCO position and is given to proven leaders.

[E-4] Corporal(Cpl) - Corporal is the entry rank for Non Commissioned Officers. Marines with this rank have been identified to possess leadership potential. Corporals lead an element or, more usually, act as Assistant Element Leaders.

[E-4] Specialist(Spc) - Specialist is a rank of enlisted marine that is highly trained in their field and has gained full expertise in their job field. Gained either through prior training or experience on the job, these marines are experienced in their job more than leading but have the benefits of a higher paygrade.

[E-3] Lance Corporal(LCpl) - Lance Corporal is the senior most junior enlisted rank. This rank is given to longer serving and experienced Marines who have mastered their specialization. Marines must become a Lance Corporal to be considered for an NCO position and can act in an NCOs place if needed.

[E-2] Private First Class(Pfc) - Private First Class is a rank awarded to Pv2s by their unit command for standard dedicated service in the Marine Corps. In the 2nd MSRC, promotion to PFC is required to undergo unit Specialization training.

[E-1] Private 2nd Class(Pv2) - Private 2nd Class is an entry level rank for junior enlisted personnel. This rank is obtained after completion of Basic Training/AIT and is earned upon a marines entry to their first unit and/or more advanced training.

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