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The Failure of Appeasement (2190-2226)

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The Failure of Appeasement (2190-2226) Empty The Failure of Appeasement (2190-2226)

Post by Vasiil on Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:32 pm

Written by Scout

The Alliance gave independence to the Attican Systems in 2190. This did not come without bloodshed, however. The intentions of the Attican Systems were twisted by a psychopathic terrorist known as Abraham. After Abraham’s work was exposed to the Alliance, the Alliance immediately began to focus towards negotiations with the Attican Systems, whilst the 2nd MSRC was tasked with hunting down and destroying Abraham. The 2nd MSRC never did catch Abraham, yet he was never seen again. It is accepted universally that Abraham died sometime later.

The Alliance came to a deal with the planetary governors of the Attican Systems. Those planets who wanted to remain directly under the hand of the Alliance remained under the Alliance, however all planets who wanted to split off were allowed to do so. Both of these decisions were agreed on by the colonists in a democratic process. While these planets would still supply troops, tribute, and materials to the Alliance, they were for the most part left alone by the Alliance. These systems became known as the Alliance Frontier Spaces. Non-human planets within the Attican Systems withheld their territory as the Attican Systems.

This agreement went on peacefully for nearly ten decades before disaster struck. In the year of 2217, an extremist group appeared out of the AFS planet of Gatol. This group planned a well-executed coup of the planetary government through gaining popular support. This group, known as the State of Gatol, legally gained power as their leader Solomon Cornett  was elected Governor of Gatol in 2218. One year later, the Governor proclaimed himself President for Life. Before word could spread, he preemptively took aggressive control of all media outlets. Those who opposed his reign were quickly dealt with, and it was nearly eight months before the Alliance caught word of these actions.

By this time, the State of Gatol had built a small fleet to add to their defensive fleet. Their planetary guns were upgraded and their military force expanded. It is unclear if the President for Life was popular among the population at this time, however those who were vocally against him were publically executed.  

The Alliance sent a fleet to gain control of Gatol’s orbit, however the updated guns forced the Alliance to retreat. Once the fleet retreated, Cornett launched aggressive attacks on nearby resource outposts in the system, and also conquered another colony within the star, known as Callaham. With little resistance to Cornett’s forces, Callaham quickly surrendered.

It was at this time that a meeting was called between AFS governors. In this meeting, fifteen governors walked out of the meet, deciding to break off from the AFS and create a new power known as The Attican Pact, closed all their borders and created an isolationist state. They stopped sending their resources to the AFS, meaning the Alliance itself lost a large portion of their resources to this new power. While they were not hostile, they did keep invaluable resources to themselves.

Now, in 2226, the Alliance finds itself torn. Viciously split between the Pact, Gatol, and an increasingly unstable AFS, the Alliance finds itself losing support among humanity. Seen as a quickly failing government, most humans look to their local government, finding more comfort and reliability on them.

Stretched thin and weaker than ever before, the Alliance struggles to maintain what space they have left. Taxes have been raised to an all time high, riots and protests are a daily occurrence, and the enlistment rate is at an all time low.

Once a symbol of aggressive expansion and opportunity, humanity now stands fractured. The Alliance, still supporting Council goals, finds itself alone as the State of Gatol, the Pact, and even the AFS close themselves off from council communication.

Changed Political Landscape
The Systems Alliance has shifted their toward a more nationalistic self oriented policy of governance. The Citadel Council is now too weak to prove any major benefit to the Alliance like it was once able to. Humanity is now moving forward, focused on their lost territory and influence amongst their own people.

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