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2nd MSRC Info

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2nd MSRC Info Empty 2nd MSRC Info

Post by Vasiil on Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:35 pm

The Second Marine Special Reconaissance Company was once an Elite Alliance Recon unit formed to carry out sensitive missions in the wake of the Eden Prime war. However, as time progressed the companies first commander became the Second human Spectre. Over time the unit became less attached to the main Alliance Marine Body and started to incorporate other Citadel Species into it's ranks. Today, the unit has been re activated in her previous spirit.

The Second Marine Reconnaissance Company is an Alliance/Citadel independent military unit drawing in personnel from a multititude of Military and Intelligence organizations whom show a good amount of potential. These individuals, like they were in the past, are hand picked by the Alliance Fleet Admiral to fill in the needed positions.

The 2nd MSRC is a unit with much tradition and history, those who find themselves within its ranks aspire to stand as equals to the previous servicemen and women in history. The long time nickname for the unit "Raiders" is still adhered to to this day. Those with potential may join but only the strongest stand the test of time within the Company.

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