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Anhur/Codex Empty Anhur/Codex

Post by Vasiil on Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:19 pm


After the Reaper War, the population of Anhur started to slowly decline. By the end of the first year after the war 100,000 of the reaper decimated 1,000,000 population had left. By the second year 200,000 more were gone. By 2190 there were only 200,000 people left on the planet most of whom had abandoned New Thebes and surrounding settlements for land untouched by the reapers destruction.

When the Attican negotiations took place Anhur relied heavily on the alliance and decided to remain within the Systems Alliance. From there Anhur enjoyed population growth which was extremely minimal. The planet was hence widely neglected in favor of colonies that were still within the realm of possibility for recovering.

By 2192 Anhur was seen as a lost cause by everyone outside of Anhur. New Thebes was ordered to be salvaged, however this was not well received by population whom at this point only stayed because it was land sacred to them that they and their ancestors had lived in for hundreds of years. Local populations joined in protest of the action much to the surprise of the Alliance that had offered the populace full transportation and means to settle in much richer colonies.

Things became worse when Ra'Hesh, a batarian said to essentially represent the planets batarian population (which by now was 30%) called for a referendum to separate from the Alliance. Many more political leaders agreed and joined in the referendum which was majorly accepted. The Systems Alliance had no interest in wasting resources to intervene in a lost cause and Anhur was declared independent which effectively put the final nail in the coffin of the decline of Anhur.

The economy of Anhur continued to fail and the population began to rapidly emigrate to other colonies leaving the remaining population, those who were there mostly only for the sake of tradition, to fix their own problems. Matters were made worse when the backwater planet was made a prospect of pirates who intended to operate out of the planet to raid Attican Systems. By the end of 2193, Anhur as it was known was nearly no more. At the beginning of 2194 Anhur was no point of interest for anyone more than a pirate save for one man. Martin Banner, a renowned and recently retired Alliance Marine Officer who had fought in the pivotal Battle of New Thebes years before saw potential for his own ambitions.

Banner's aspirations were born out of his resentment of neglected soldiers who were no longer needed in the galaxies downsized militaries after the war. He also thought that being the cycle to survive the reaper war brought an unmatched strength to the entire galaxy that no man woman or child of any race should ignore but instead harness to become a permanently strong and resilient society. Banner by this time post war had already sensed old weaknesses returning, people reverting to pre war nature all underlined by the apparent neglect however unintentional toward former warriors of the Reaper war. It seemed as though the war had meant nothing, that no one had learned and thing. So he decided he would build his own society upon ideals of strength, merit and the lessons he learned of a lifetime of war.

And so Banner began his operations on Anhur, he was already known by the locals for he and his unit's participation in the Battle of New Thebes and was able to buy several hundred acres of land which included the former Alliance base Imperator. From his new headquarters, Banner began bringing in old acquaintances from his previous days on the battlefield. From there he sought out thousands of the misfortunate veterans to once again live where they would once again have a place in the Galaxy. The area that Banner purchased began becoming more developed by the day and Banner registered his own district on the planet for which he was the representative.

Sometime later in the year the pirates that had been preying on the planet struck New Thebes. They forced what inhabitants remained from the husk of a city and began to set up their operations in the city underground and canals. Immediately afterward pirates threatened to exterminate the population if they didn't evacuate the planet immediately. When a detachment of pirates entered Banners district, however, they were cut down by a large force of armed and armored veteran soldiers.

Banners district was the safest place and the population of Anhur flocked there for refuge. Many looked to Banner for aid and so he agreed to save Anhur from the threat and officially formed the first Anhurian Regiment comprised of former Alliance soldiers and sailors as well as local Batarian fighters. After organizing the 1st Regiment, their first operation began, fighters infiltrated grounded ships and proceeded to hijack half the pirate fleet to annihilate the other half with a suprise attack. Phase two would then begin as the bulk of the regiment stormed New Thebes with support from orbit. Within a week the pirate incursion was destroyed.

Word of the battle and the Anhurian Regiment spread throughout the galaxy. Veteran Warriors flocked from every part of the galaxy tripling the size of Banners Anhurians in a short time. Banner used his small fleet of ships and warriors with new purpose fighting with them in war zones all across the galaxy which grew the riches of the Regiment and the economy of Anhur. Eventually Anhurian warriors would outnumber regular citizens and so those citizens formed their own self governing caste called Hel'Kolan(Batarian for 'The Protected') who were content to live in the rebuilt New Thebes working primarily as traders, Farmers, miners, etc. To some tribute of the Anhurians for their protection.

The Anhurian Warriors would evolve their culture over time becoming a brand new group of people. Clans were formed, following the Krogan way of life, however these clans were completely artificially made. More than a common ancestor or familial connection, they were groups of like minded warriors, people who went to live as nomadic groups on Anhur as they pleased. To avoid infighting, a majority of Anhurians elected to make Martin Banner the Reg’ys (Batarian for Sovereign or Sole Ruler).
The Clans lived on for many years, with campaigns being called every couple of years, filling the ranks of the regiments and vitalizing the economy of the planet and her people.

It was during one of these campaigns in 2,224 when Martin Banner was leading a campaign against a breakaway faction of the Geth consciousness that he was killed aboard his ship, the Barbarossa. Banner ensured his crew could escape keeping the vessel stable enough for evacuation when it fell a nearby gas giant, Tanothos. The ship and his body were never recovered. Since then, there has been no new Reg’ys chosen.

The Anhurian Regiment and Campaigns

The Anhurian Regiment is a small yet vital part of Anhurian society. It is the pillar of public service that every child undertakes when they come of age and serve their term in the Regiment. The Regiment always exists first and foremost to protect the Hel’Kolan and all of Anhur and secondly to undertake mercenary campaigns honorably for the good of Anhur. The Regiments current commander is Martin Banners eldest son, Liam Banner.

Regimental Structure
The Regiment is divided in several self sustaining Battlegroups which are commanded by Anhurian Majors. The amount of battlegroups vary depending on the size and strength needs of the Regiment as well as heavy equipment. The battlegroups are further divided into companies fitting specific roles (Shuttleborn Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, etc.) with a headquarters company always existing for command and administration. The battlegroups are always supported by a slew of specialized platoons and companies ranging from Military Police to Engineers.

Currently there are 10 raised battlegroups

  • 1st Battlegroup - Garrison duty in New Thebes
  • 2nd Battlegroup - Advisory and Assistance Mission against Geth Heretics in Rannoch Space
  • 3rd Battlegroup - Regularly Deployed to the several bush wars in Batarian Space along the Confederacy Frontier. 40 Percent of the battlegroup is made up of Batarians
  • 4th Battlegroup - Attached to the Anhurian Security Fleet
  • 5th Battlegroup - Garrison Duties in Anhurs Northern Rural Zone
  • 6th Battlegroup - Garrison Duties in Anhurs Southern Rural Zone
  • 7th Battlegroup - Rapid Reaction Force to assist Anhurian families outside of the planet Anhur. Recently deployed to Tuchanka in the wake of the recent attacks.
  • 8th Battlegroup - Deployed to Omega Space in anti piracy missions to protect New Thebes shipping companies
  • 9th Battlegroup - Deployed to Gatol and Callaham, activities have been restricted by Alliance Navy.
  • 10th Battlegroup - Garrison Duties on Fort Imperator

In addition to the Battlegroups, there is a permanent special unit known as the Anhurian Light Infantry. The name is misleading as the unit is full of highly trained commandos whose training is similar to that of N7 personnel. They are often assigned directly to missions by the Regimental Chief of Staff.

The Anhurian Regiment Code
Martin Banner at the very beginning of forming the First Regiment implemented a code of conduct for all warriors of the Regiment. This code outlined the rule of law and a clear set of morals for his soldiers. Many small details and additions were made but the main tenets generally make things clear. Many Anhurians, even if they no longer serve in the Regiment, still follow the code religiously.

1. A warrior follows the basic code of morals that everyone of every faith and creed can embrace. (Do not murder, rape, steal etc.)

2. A warrior does not fight a battle that does not need to be fought. Warriors fight to end injustice and wrongdoings and to restore peace and/or stability.

3. A warrior is never above foreign law, customs or culture while within said foreigners land unless they are declared or are blatantly immoral. (A popular yet unofficial retelling of this tenet is as follows 'When in Rome do as the Romans, unless they try to rape and murder you.')

4. The life of a civilian depends on the life or death of a warrior. Always consider what life is worth saving in the short term when more can be saved in the long term.

5. A warrior lives his life by honor and sacrifice and survives by instinct and knowledge. There is always a fine line between cowardice and falling back, between a brave action and a stupid one. A good warrior always knows the difference.

6. A warrior uses his strengths and respects his weaknesses.

7. A warrior has every right to disobey immoral and unlawful orders.

8. A warrior is obligated to follow moral and lawful orders.

9. A warrior against odds will do his best to evade capture. A captured warrior will make all efforts to become not so.

10. A warrior, when captured, is obligated only to give away his identity and the name of his unit. Any more is traitorous, any less is allowed.

Fort Imperator
When every Anhurian comes of mature age (which varies by race) they are sent to be trained at Fort Imperator. Fort Imperator is one of the largest training installations in the galaxy, staffed by thousands of Cadre and support staff. It's primary purpose is to carry out training to Anhurian youths which takes a year to complete and is very similar to the Alliance ICT. The program was created by Martin Banner who was a former ICT instructor. The training is divided into many different classes suited to a large variety of different races both male and female so virtually any Anhurian race is able to send their youths to be trained. In addition, the Fort hosts training for biotics and offers additional training to produce Anhurian Commandos.

After graduating from Fort Imperator, Anurian youths are then considered full adults. From here they have a choice of serving in the Anhurian Regiment, the Anhurian Security Fleet or pursuing their own path in the galaxy.

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Anhur/Codex Empty Re: Anhur/Codex

Post by Vasiil on Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:35 pm

Added Regimental stuff and Fort Imperator

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