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New Batarian History (2186-2226)

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New Batarian History (2186-2226) Empty New Batarian History (2186-2226)

Post by Vasiil on Sun Nov 11, 2018 3:13 pm

Batarian History
Setting the stage to the future
At the end of the Reaper war the Batarian Hegemony was a collection of dead planets and destroyed fleets. Batarians were now largely a race of refugees. Most Batarians could not or would not stay within alliance or council space and so they drifted toward the Terminus systems where Batarians had already lived in colonies or as pirates and mercenaries.

After their migration the Batarian race would effectively rebuild but would be split by two opposing ideals. Many Batarians who had been refugees in Alliance Space fled to the Attican Traverse or to the Terminus space that bordered the traverse and Quarian-Geth space. These Batarians had seen the human way of life and were able to be free. They lived in free independent colonies until they were forced to join together by a looming threat. Another group of Batarians fled to the Terminus systems with the salvaged wealth and the last of the ruling family of the old Hegemony.

Rise of nations
In the wake of the post war galactic period a group of extremist SIU operatives were already executing their failsafe plan. All remaining members of the royal family were sent to a safe zone in the Terminus systems. A rich Batarian colony in the top fringe of terminus space that would serve as the new capitol. All the remaining Batarian riches were recovered and all stored information was transferred before being destroyed, safeguarding all old secrets.

When the failsafe protocol was completed, the New Hegemony began to act, taking advantage of the fresh chaos, confusion and lack of control of the established powers. Their first step was rebuilding, the despot called all Batarians back to the Hegemony and laid claim to Batarian colonies. Those that did not join willingly were conquered. All the while, privateers were hired to raid, adding to the Hegemonies economic power. Eventually, the Hegemony started conquering small independent colonies to carve a path toward the Batarian systems closer to the border of the Traverse.

The Barcan War
In the year 2217 CE a full Hegemony fleet entered the system of the planet Barca, an independent Batarian system. The planet was not militarily strong possessing only three cruisers meant for escorting trade vessels and a limited network or orbital and planetary guns. The Hegemony already had operatives that already had disabled the planets long range communication so they would be unable to call for help or warn nearby systems. Barca would have been doomed if it had not been for the brave Barcan fleet and militia.

Two of the Barcan cruisers shielded the third cruiser and launched all escape pods. The third cruiser escaped to warn nearby systems. Hegemony forces swarmed the planets orbital defenses and fired kinetic weapons at planetary guns which devastated the guns and the area around them. Population centers and resources were not an option for orbital bombardment and so Hegemony ground forces prepared to land. Barcan Militia prepared defenses on the ground ready to hold out hoping for help to arrive. Help would indeed arrive.

In the last four decades while the Batarian Hegemony built their power, the Batarian refugees would become the masters of their own rich and powerful systems. The Batarians who had left Alliance Space as refugees and settled in the Terminus systems in the eastern rim would come to be known as 'Free Batarians'. These Batarians valuing freedom and new opportunities had inhabited and or built colonies that would trade and live in peace with their neighbors. They did still stand for each other when they created a Batarian trade federation and coordinated to price fix their goods to clients outside of their federation. Though this and similar practices would be abandoned especially later when they needed allies, though these practices would build a strong economic basis for their federation.

The Free Batarians would live in peace and prosperity until the Batarian Hegemony came to claim 'their' people. Word of the siege of Barca would reach the first Free system a day after it had begun. Within 48 hours a decision was made to officially form the Confederacy of Free Batarian Systems. They requested support of powerful trade partners within council space as well as with the Systems Alliance and received a huge amount of equipment and some ships through lend leases. Each planet in the Confederacy established a Planetary Guard and the Confederacy as a whole began to build a standing fleet and army.

However, with the time they had, the army would have been too small. One of the largest mercenary forces the galaxy had seen was hired largely in part to the employment of every currently existing Anhurian Regiment. Three months had passed since the siege of Barca began and the staunch resistance of the planetary militia was beginning to fail. The now grand military of the Confederacy embarked to fight back the Hegemony.

Fate of Barca
When the Confederacy fleet entered the system it wasn't long before a violent clash occurred between the two forces. By this time in the siege, the Hegemony had pulled in reinforcements and they numbered three fleets. The Confederacy possessed a fleet of lend leased vessels, old and small yet faster than the mass produced hegemony heavy cruisers and dreadnaughts. Confederate forces, did however have a mercenary fleet of varying quality and the entire Anhurian Campaign Fleet that was skilled at boarding and hijacking enemy vessels.

On the ground half of the Confederacies small army deployed to break the siege of Luvdis, Barcas capitol. Meanwhile mercenary companies and Anhurian air assault battalions hit separate hegemony units on the surface with fast and overwhelming force. Confederate forces were winning on the ground and Hegemony troops were making panicked evacuations to ships that were busy fighting in orbit, some of which had already been hijacked. It was this descent into chaos that led to the ultimate defeat of the Hegemonies fleet.

With the enemy fleet retreating, the confederate army began putting on the pressure making zealous and hasty charges into enemy formations to win the battle. Non confederate forces were pulling out as the battle was almost won. The remaining Hegemony ground forces began a ruthless and effective counter attack when tragedy struck. Amongst the heat of the battle, Luvdis' central power station had a catastrophic meltdown which caused a huge chain reaction explosion that obliterated Luvdis and all life around it then proceeded to toxify the planets surface rendering it inhospitable. The tragedy is a source of emnety and controversy today as many experts claimed the plant had too many failsafes for a meltdown that catastrophic to occur.

After the terrible five month battle, border conflicts continued for another five years which drained far too many resources for both sides. A truce was signed between the nations and they began to rebuild. Every few years border incidents occured but in the last two years the truce has stood true, a long yet temporary peace between two nations at war to this day. The war turned cold has allowed both sides to prepare. The Hegemony continues to build and maintain a strong military while the Confederacy strengthens it's planetary guard and defences while trying to gain economic supremacy in the Terminus Systems.

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