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FAQ for Starting Players

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FAQ for Starting Players Empty FAQ for Starting Players

Post by Scout on Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:50 pm


Q: What are the rules of the server?
A: Our rules are simple and straight forward. We use standard serious roleplaying rules, if you're unfamiliar with those, they are as following:
No powergaming: Powergaming is when you force your actions (or any sort of action or event) upon another player without their consent. Example: /me punches the man across the face, instantly knocking him out.
No metagaming: Metagaming is when you use OOC information ICly, usually to your own benefit. For example: You hear a player say out of game that his character is tired and he's going to go nap in an alleyway, you use this information to run to the alleyway and await for him to wake up with a gun pointed to his face, attempting to mug him.
No RDM: RDM stands for random deathmatch. This means you cannot simply pick up a weapon and shoot somebody with no roleplay whatsoever. 
No cheating or exploiting of any kind: This includes any sort of prop/item surfing, glitches, or other exploits that gain your character something.
Respect players, admins, and anyone else on the server: This goes without say, respect your fellow RPers and the staff or you will be removed from the server.
You must RP on the server, if you have a problem with a RP scenario, bring it to an admin and let them sort it out: Don't try to take on a failRPer by yourself, and don't allow yourself to be cheated by someone who is powergaming or metagaming, or using any other sort of exploit. Contact one of our admins and let them deal with said player, it will be appreciated that you are looking out for the server just as much as we are.

Starting Players

Q: What should I do as a starting player?
A: Go to the employment center and find a job. Find friends to meet and communicate with. Register yourself as a Ward Citizen at the C-Sec bank. If you don't register yourself, you cannot buy property and you may find yourself in even more trouble if you are caught by C-Sec. Live your life and make sure your character thrives in whatever they wish to do.

Q: This is the Citadel, so can I be any race?
A: Yes, however races that are non-Citadel races or rarer will require a short and simple application. Turians, Salarians, Asari, and Humans are all free to select as soon as you join the server.

Q: Are their any features I should be aware of?
A: If you buy an omnitool (They go for relatively cheap, as everyone nearly has one) you can call any player you like and talk to them anywhere on the map, acting just like a cellphone. When you have the omnitool, simply type /call (player name) to call them. They must have an omnitool as well! They can answer the phone with /answer. You can talk normally through your chatbar and they will hear you. You can hang up at anytime with /hangup . This command also works to decline incoming calls.


Q: How do the jobs work exactly?
A: Legal jobs are straightforward. You can find employment via applying ICly at the employment center or simply walking into a business. Jobs may pay differently, "minimum" wage on the Citadel is 8 credits is an hour. You'll be able to clock in and clock out of a job via spreadsheets you'll gain access to once you're employed.

Q: 8 credits an hour? Does that mean I have to work 8 hour work days?
A: No, one hour passes in ten minutes on our server. Therefor, if you wanted to work a full 8 hour work day, it would be an hour and twenty minutes of your time. While that may seem like a lot, most RPers play on a server for 3-5 hours at a time, and you are still able to RP during your job, so it's just another way of RP. In addition to this, unlike real life employers can't force you to work any amount of time. You can work for ten minutes or the full 8 hour shift if you wanted.

Earning Money

Q: How can I earn money without being employed?
A: Just like real life, it's sort of difficult to do this, and the only real way is to go to a life of crime. If you find the right criminals, you'll run into people who can pay you for doing tasks.

Q: Other than being a criminal?
A: You can be a scavenger. The Ward is in complete disarray after the Battle of the Citadel. Not counting the Overgrowth, there's plenty of things to scavenge and sell.

Q: What is the Overgrowth?
A: See Gameplay


Q: Can I have PAC3 Flags?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I lose PAC3 privileges? 
A: Abuse them.


Q: What are gun laws like on the Citadel?
A: We believe that at this point of time, the Citadel would allow their civilians to carry personal defense weapons as long as they have a permit for them.

Q: How can I get a permit?
A: Apply for it at the bank, take the required courses from C-Sec after you're approved.

Q: What would stop me from getting a permit?
A: Having felonies on your criminal record.


Q: How does property work?
A: You can buy apartments at varying prices based on how nice they are. All apartments have two prices, an initial cost and a rent cost. You must put down a certain amount of money to buy the apartment, and then continue to pay rent weekly. A landlord (Or a C-Sec officer if no landlord is present) will collect the rent weekly.

Q: What if I'm not on the server to pay my rent?
A: We will be lenient with this and allow players to pay their rent SOMETIME during the week where rent is due. Rent is due bi-weekly and you will know what weeks rent are due and not due. If you wish, you can pay for your rent in advance. If you ICly fail to pay your rent, C-Sec will come to your door.

Q: What happens if I refuse to pay rent?
A: If you don't pay your rent, your character will be fined and possibly jailed even. If your character seemingly vanishes or continuously fails to pay their rent (vanishes like you become a criminal overlord and don't need the apartment anymore) your apartment and furniture will be evicted and you will lose the apartment.

Q: How does furniture work?
A: There is a furniture shop where you can order furniture. All purchased apartments come with at least one couch, a fridge, a stove, sink, and a bed.

Q: Can I sell furniture I no longer want?
A: Yes. Systems on this to be posted soon.


Q: Taxes? What?
A: Just like rent, every other week taxes will be do. You simply will go to the C-Sec bank and pay your taxes. They are usually low in cost and simply serve as another measure to make your money valuable. If you fail to pay your taxes sometime during tax week, your character will be reported to C-Sec (Exceptions, like always, can be made if you are not on the server!)


Q: How does City Life play out?
A: City life should be filled with people working their jobs, passiving outside of their job, and other small events that go on during the city. Often times criminals and other non-legal lifestyles thrive in the city. You can do anything you want in the city, however you want. As long as it is legal, no one will attempt to stop you. Gain money, position, property, and power in the city. 

Q: Is there another type of gameplay that occurs?
A: Yes, if you are in the Overgrowth. 

Q: Now, what's the Overgrowth?
A: The Overgrowth is the other section of our ward. Tayseri Ward was home to the Gaeron Botanical Gardens, a garden area where people built their homes and lived among some of the most vibrant and lively scenery on the Citadel. This area - however - was badly damaged just like the rest of the ward. The growth emitters that controlled the foliage have been completely wrecked, causing plants to grow at rapid speeds, covering the entire ruined section in foliage. In addition to this, the emitters disperse some sort of odd fungus or gas that has yet to be identified. Those without gas-mask have been confirmed to go crazy, hallucinating and even becoming dangerous. While this does not make people go feral, it often times makes them more violent then they normally would be. 

Overgrowth gameplay revolves around scavenging and surviving. You can easily travel from the city to the Overgrowth, and vice versia. C-Sec will sometimes patrol the area, however it is dangerous and they typically avoid it. The Council has yet to decide what to do with the Overgrowth, for now, it remains largely sealed off and isolated. 

If you wish to start in the Overgrowth, contact an admin. If you wish to travel to the Overgrowth  ICly from the city, find the route yourself or find someone who can take you there.

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