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DarthAussie's Application (Accepted)

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DarthAussie's Application (Accepted) Empty DarthAussie's Application (Accepted)

Post by Harus on Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:52 pm

Steam Name: DarthAussie
Timezone: AEST
Character(s): Lor'themar Theron, Halduron Brightwing, two Farstrider minions
Franchise: Warcraft
Give a summary of the character(s)'s life in one paragraph or explain his origins:
Lor'themar Theron: The Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas and rightful heir to that throne, Lor'themar was chosen to lead his people, the Blood Elves, into a better life following the devastating attacks of the Scourge, an undead menace. He was responsible for ensuring a safe retreat of the Elves to more secure lands, and was once second-in-command of the renowned Farstriders. He has the difficult role of assuming a part in world politics, representing and furthering the Blood Elve's cause. A well-known leader within the faction of the Horde, he wishes only the best for his people, including if that means fighting for that alliance.

Halduron Brightwing: The Ranger-General of the Farstriders, and commander of all Blood Elf forces, Halduron is Lor'themar's most trusted friend and adviser. He succeeded Sylvanas Windrunner as leader of the Farstriders, a group of elite Blood Elven rangers who defend Quel'Thalas. Like his Regent, he has served in several harsh wars which forever changed Azeroth, and endured the hardship that the Scourge caused for his people.

Give a summary of the character(s)'s personality:
Lor'themar Theron: Under a large burden of responsibility, he still feels guilt for not forseeing the treason of certain Blood Elves which led to their initial fall. Despite this, he has done well in leading the Blood Elves through harsh times, though is not eager to create an heir for a dynasty. Though Halduron Brightwing is his closest friend, he has grown to be more trusting and friendly with Grand Magister Rommath.

Halduron Brightwing: A ranger at heart, Halduron is considered by many as a courageous, brave and loyal person. Despite the common image of him being an honourable and honest individual, he is not beyond using deception to beat opponents in battle. Like Lor'themar, he is willing to see past old grudges and has grown to get on with Rommath. He is capable of both great compassion, and ruthlessness, though his ruthlessness is commonly attributed to Trolls, specifically that of the Amani tribe.

List the abilities the character(s) has:
Lor'themar Theron: A well trained and highly experienced swordsman and bowman, he has been through much conflict and survived to tell the tale due to these skills. He also has, like most Blood Elves, offensive and utility magical abilities, though to a higher extent. He is also a very well established tactician and diplomat.

Halduron Brightwing: Very similar to Lor'themar in his abilities, he has been through multiple harsh conflicts and been able to hone his skills. Perhaps more so learning in regards to tactics, though a good record so far.

List the cons of the character(s) abilities and their weaknesses:
Proud and prone to distrust: These guys aren't ones to immediately come to trust, but definitely ones to boast. This combination can make them abrasive to those they come into contact with.

Technology difference: They aren't exactly acquainted with 21st century technology, so this would come more difficultly to them than the others who have experience in this area.

Interventionist: It's hard not to speak their mind in matters, and they can find themselves speaking on things that are seen as the territory of others.

List the character's equipment (Guns, spells, armor, etc.):
Lor'themar Theron, Halduron Brightwing: Elven Armour, ranger bows, Elven swords, apothecary potions, offensive spells, defensive spells

D&D alignment of your character(s) Typically Lawful Good, sometimes Neutral Good
(OPTIONAL): Link to character's wikipedia:

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DarthAussie's Application (Accepted) Empty Re: DarthAussie's Application (Accepted)

Post by Kravis on Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:09 am

The Dark Times will pass, The Reave will live on.

Pulled from their world. Lor'Themar and Halduron find themselves in a world unlike anything they've ever seen. It is a shame they cannot explore it all with the pain they now carry from The Reave.

Lor'Themar and Halduron lose the following abilities and items.

-Themar's spells are dampen and he cannot use them for now.
-Halduron's spells are dampen and he cannot use them for now.
-One minion is a Blood Elf archer ranger and the other is a dual wielding swordsman.
-Both of them feel slower than a average elf now.
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