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Sargo's 2nd Application (Accepted)

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Sargo's 2nd Application (Accepted) Empty Sargo's 2nd Application (Accepted)

Post by Sargo922 on Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:24 pm

Steam Name: Sargo
Timezone: Central
Character(s): Khadgar
Franchise: World of Warcraft
Give a summary of the character(s)'s life in one paragraph or explain his origins: Khadgar is considered the most powerful Magic Caster in all of Azeroth, and the current ruler of the Kirin Tor, he has faced down incredible odds with steadfast determination and holds a great pride in his mission to protect his world from the forces that seek to destroy it.
Give a summary of the character(s)'s personality: Khadgar is wise, diplomatic and strategic, analyzing a situation quickly with reason and logic before formulating a plan to accomplish his task. He cares not for petty grievances between factions or people and encourages everyone to work towards the common good, for then they can settle their issues on their own time.
List the abilities the character(s) has: Magic Caster, Shapeshifter, Hand-to-Hand fighter, Strategic Genius, Experienced Diplomat
List the cons of the character(s) abilities and their weaknesses: Ignores small problems amongst his allies, believing they can work together to achieve a common goal if it’s significant enough. He is also cursed with frailty and old age, however this has not deterred him, still being extremely powerful regardless
List the character's equipment (Guns, spells, armor, etc.): Staff of Nethergrade:Khadgar forged this staff to aid him in his journies, utilizing it as a defensive tool and a conduit for his magic if need be, the wooden staff is engraved with arcane glyphs that protect it from both physical and magical damage, and has a 6 inch globe cloudy crystal on the top Khadgar’s Robes:Despite being a magic user, Khadgar knows he needs to protect himself. Weaved with Arcane power, Khadgar’s robes protect him from both physical and magical attacks, while at the same time still being comfortable and useful for all occasions. Magic Caster:Khadgar is one of Azeroths most powerful magic users, trained by some of the greatest in the land, he can cast all kinds of magic in both offensive and defensive purposes, and can utilize whatever element he deems necessary for the occasion, familiar with even Demonic Fel magic as well, but he rarely or never uses this demonic power in battle
D&D alignment of your character(s) (Lawful good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc.): Lawful Good
(OPTIONAL): Link to character's wikipedia: Magic Khadgar has access to


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Sargo's 2nd Application (Accepted) Empty Re: Sargo's 2nd Application (Accepted)

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:34 pm

"We will find a way through this. We must." Khadgar continues to hold a positive attitude even when pulled by The Reave.

Khadgar however. Cannot account for what powers The Reave holds.

Khadgar loses the following abilities and Spells.

-Lost of Arcane power. Cannot summon it.
-His power is dampened and mana regeneration takes longer.
-Cannot transform into a crow for quicker travel.
-Cannot get a lay of the land without magical ley lines once in Azeroth. Must find out as he goes.
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