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M.O.S Application Format

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M.O.S Application Format Empty M.O.S Application Format

Post by Kravis on Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:16 pm

(Use this format if you wish to change your current M.O.S. If you do not know what a M.O.S is, it's a specialization that your character trains in, such as a rifleman, sniper, engineer, pilot, or something else.) (At the moment, Aliens need to be approved via admins. Just msg one and we'll get you set up.)

Steam Name:
Steam ID:
How long have you been roleplaying?:
How long have you been playing serious GMod RP?:
Do you have decent knowledge with the Mass Effect canon?:

Character's Full Name:
Character's Age:
Character's Gender:
Character's Species:

M.O.S being applied for:
Can you explain what your M.O.S would be required to do?:
Can you be trusted to not abuse this position?:
-(OPTIONAL) If you are wanting to play as a biotic, fill out the below-
What year was your character born?:
How powerful would you say your character is?:
What implants does your chatacter have?:
How did your character become a biotic?: (One - Two paragraphs)

Extra Notes: (optional)
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