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Character Authorization: Albus (Accepted)

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Character Authorization: Albus (Accepted) Empty Character Authorization: Albus (Accepted)

Post by Revival on Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:06 pm

Steam Name: Revival
Timezone: EST
Character: Albus
Franchise: Castlevania
Give a summary of the character(s)'s life in one paragraph or explain his origins:

Albus is a researcher apart of the Order of Ecclesia, a ancient order within the 19th century that was dedicated to killing Dracula for good, specializing with the Glyph entitled 'Dominus'. However, through Albus's research, he found out that the Master of the order; Barlowe was going to trick Shanoa - a Mage using the powers of Glyphs to bring Dracula back to the world. Albus, in order to prevent that, shot Shanoa as she was about to absorb the glyph, and stealing the glyphs for himself in order to Protect Shanoa. In a last ditch effort, he froze town citizens in a Glyph called Topor, encasing them in Amber in order to understand the Dominus spell fully. In response, Barlowe - now with an emotionless woman named Shanoa, ordered her to go and track down Dominus. In response, Albus has gifted her two parts of the spell. However, on the third part of the Glyph, Albus absorbs it himself and drives himself mad, forcing Shanoa to track him down and slay him. However, the glyph embued a portion of Albus's soul, and showed that Barlowe was merely tricking Shanoa, forcing Shanoa to go on her own path to kill Dracula.

Give a summary of the character(s)'s personality:

Albus is portrayed as a protective person, trying to save his friend and 'sister' in arms through any means neccessary, even if it means shooting them in the back.

As soon as Albus absorbed the Dominus Agony Glyph, it was clear that Albus believed himself to be the true reincarnation of Dracula; yet the soul of Albus seemed to be fine.

List the abilities the character(s) has:

Glyph Mastery: Albus can fire a variety of Glyphs from Agartha the same way as Shanoa fires her Glyph from her arms, though Albus prefers Acerbatus, Torpor, and other types of shots suitable for Agartha.

List Of Glyph Spells Used by Albus:

Shot: Agartha can fire a magic bullet that pierces magical creatures. It does not require physical bullets to reload.

Rapid Fire: Agartha can also fire in infinite rapid succession as long as it has enough MP to empower it.

Torpor: Agartha can fire a Torpor Glyph that incapacitates its victim in a crystal cage. It has the longest cooldown in Albus's arsenal. It is an Ice based Glyph.

Optical Shot: Agartha can also fire a magic wave of black and white. The light wave will spiral into where Agartha marks before released as an outward spiral in an opposite direction. The black and white light waves do either light or dark damage, depending on the opponent. Along with Max Shot, it has the second longest cooldown. It is also called Vertical Shot.

Max Shot: A powerful Glyph. Agartha can fire an Acerbatus Glyph that curses the victim, shocks with electrical damage, and consumes the enemy in darkness. Albus inserts the Acerbatus Glyph into Agartha's barrel, and fires Agartha, launching a large black ball of darkness with yellowish skulls. Along with Optical Shot, it has the second longest cooldown. It is also called Casper Shot.  (Takes a long time to Charge up to begin with)

Quadruple Ignis: Albus also masters a spinning flame kick and uses Hearts instead of MP.

High Jump: Albus can high jump into taller areas faster than Shanoa with her Volaticus wing Glyph.

Warp: Possibly his best ability in the game, Albus can warp to wherever he chooses in an area and however many times he desires, as long as he has the MP to do so. He cannot do this when he is possessed by Dominus though.

(Some Abilities were discluded due to them being physical traits, too Overpowered, or made no sense as they were already listed)

Marksmanship: Albus is an expert marksman with his single barreled Agartha. He can sacrifice MP for rapid fire of Agartha to until it runs out.

Magic Regeneration: Due to Ecclesia's research, Albus's MP regenerates at an astounding speed, allowing him to fire Agartha successively.

Researcher: Albus was the chief researcher of Ecclesia.

List the cons of the character(s) abilities and their weaknesses:

Due to Albus's weak observances, he was unable to tell that when he absorbed Dominus Agony, he would have been controlled or delusioned to believe he was Dracula. (Is Headstrong, and has short lapses in judgement.)

Almost instantly as soon as Albus absorbed Dominus Agony, it quickly took over his mind (Susceptible to Mind Control)

If Albus loses his gun, he is unable to use most of his abilities, and is forced to use Hand to Hand.

Due to him being from the nineteenth century, technology would be completely new to him and he would be ineffective with most guns in the modern age without training, but it shouldn't be as bad.

List the character's equipment (Guns, spells, armor, etc.):

Glyphs: Absorbed Spells that Albus has mastered the usage of through his gun.

Agartha: Agartha is Albus's weapon of choice, a single barreled pistol that uses magical bullets instead of actual ones.

D&D alignment of your character(s) (Lawful good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc.): Chaotic Good: (Generally goes for the right thing in most scenarios, but due to quick judgement, and somewhat dangerous ways to stop allies from doing harm to themselves, like shooting them in the back, or kidnapping and using villagers as test subjects. However, he seems to care about others in a protective manner and seems to want the best for them all, even if it doesn't look that way.)

On Absorption of the Dominus Agony Glyph: Chaotic Evil (Loses mind and believes he is Dracula.)

(OPTIONAL): Link to character's wikipedia:

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Character Authorization: Albus (Accepted) Empty Re: Character Authorization: Albus (Accepted)

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:26 pm

"Orders may be orders, Barlowe... But I'm holding you to your promise." Unfortunately for Albus, The Reave is holding stronger.

Albus loses the following Glyphs and abilities

-Optical shot, Quad Ingis, Warp
-His magic regen is dampened significantly
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