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Sly's Character App (Accepted)

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Sly's Character App (Accepted) Empty Sly's Character App (Accepted)

Post by SlyCoopr on Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:03 pm

Steam Name: Sly
Timezone: EST
Character(s): Geralt of Rivia
Franchise: The Witcher
Give a summary of the character(s)'s life in one paragraph or explain his origins: Shortly after birth, Geralt was taken and forced into training as a Witcher. Geralt underwent many mutations during his training, giving him superhuman physical and mental abilities even compared to other Witchers. As a Witcher, Geralt hunts monsters in the land for hire. He has an extensive knowledge of most monsters he has to hunt, using the knowledge to gain the upperhand when on the hunt and in the fray. Geralt, as a Witcher, is to stay out of politics, but tends to get pulled into the politics of the kings and lords he works for.
Give a summary of the character(s)'s personality: Geralt tends to work solo, but isn't against having help. Geralt does not believe in the 'Lesser Evil' once saying that if he had to choose between one of two evils, then he simply wouldn't choose. He has a soft spot for people close to him that have been with him through the years, often doing his best to help them with their problems when they arise. Geralt is also very lustful, often finding a lovely lady to spend the nights with.
List the abilities the character(s) has:The mutations Geralt underwent gave him superhuman physical and metal abilities like rapid healing, like the ability to drink toxic potions that would kill a normal person, advanced problem solving, extended lifespan, and higher levels of strength and dexterity. Minor magical spells, nothing spectacular, just a few spells that can be cast with one hand quickly to give a quick advantage during a fight or diplomacy:

Aard - A simple Telekinetic blast that staggers or knocks down opponents, leaving them open.

Igni - Sends a wave of embers, burning foes and causing them to take constant damage. Also can be used for smaller task like lighting torches or campfires.

Yrden - A spell that places a sign onto the ground, if stood upon, it shocks the target for a few moments.

Quen - Once cast, it creates a personal shield for Geralt, absorbing a limited about of damage before dissipating.

Axii - Axii is a mental spell, during a fight, it is used to confuse the enemy into fighting alongside Geralt. Once the target takes damage, the spell fails. During a conversation, it can be used to change the attitude of target person, calming them or even turning them to his opinion.

List the cons of the character(s) abilities and their weaknesses: Geralt tends to get embroiled in the politics of the land, even though he actively avoids and dislikes all form of politics. Is very unlikely to say no to a beautiful woman. Even though he refuses to choose between two evils, he will sometimes make the choice when innocent people are in peril, though he is still seen doing an evil act.
List the character's equipment (Guns, spells, armor, etc.): A Silver blade made for fighting monsters, as they are wounded easily by silver. A steel weapon, for fighting the occasional band of mercs. Chainmail armor.
D&D alignment of your character(s) (Lawful good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc.): Lawful Neutal
(OPTIONAL): Link to character's wikipedia:
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Sly's Character App (Accepted) Empty Re: Sly's Character App (Accepted)

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:21 pm

Geralt enters the hunt, But he might of taken on a enemy too powerful even for a Witcher. Especially one that can pull one into The Reave.

Geralt will find himself devoid of much forested lands to hunt on here in Seattle. But he should be more concerned with how bad The Reave affected him.

Geralt loses the following to the Reave

-Spells including Axii, Igni.
-Small dampening to rapid healing.
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