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Kravis' Application (GM)

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Kravis' Application (GM) Empty Kravis' Application (GM)

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:04 pm

Kravis' Application (GM) 6052537-1147669121-0q1qf

Steam Name: Kravis
Timezone: Central
Character(s): The Doom Slayer
Franchise: DOOM
Give a summary of the character(s)'s life in one paragraph or explain his origins: A human marine filled with a endless rage and a unquenchable thirst for spilt demonic blood. He embodies a absolute hatred for all things demonic and evil. Often regarded as a demi-god by lesser demons and UAC personal. His war lasted for centuries and even across numerous ages. On Mars, Earth, Hell, and different dimensions. The Doom Slayer, Hellwalker, Doomguy will always find more demons to slaughter and Hells to destroy. Having recently stopped a invasion on Mars once more. He finds himself trapped and transported away by Doctor Hayden, the leader of the UAC facility.
Give a summary of the character(s)'s personality: The Doom Slayer is quiet. Known to have never spoken a word amongst mortals. His entire character is a mystery to all. But his motives show that he has a eternal hatred for all these evil. The most vile being anything resembling demonic powers and abominations. The only thing remotely resembling any sort of emotion for anything is a rabbits foot he carries with him for unknown reasons.
List the abilities the character(s) has:
Badass Incarnate: Having become an icon in gaming, and battling the forces of Hell for decades, has earned the Doom Marine the status of being an absolute badass. This makes him an invincible and unstoppable force to be reckoned with (though it depends on the player's actions or as some theorize, The Seraphim's).

Superhuman Abilities: The Doom Marine has shown to possess immense physical Strength, Endurance and Durability, and superior Speed and Stamina. He outmaneuvers his opponents with great speed, avoiding their attacks, and yet is capable of enduring the hits that the Demons are able to land. His strength is sufficient to grapple and overpower superhumanly strong demons in hand-to-hand combat, and perform gory "Glory Kills" to ensure their complete destruction. These abilities are all augmented by the Doom Marines Praetor Suit, and are used when fighting against the Demons of Hell.

Destruction Empowerment: The most unique thing about the Doom Marine is his ability to grow stronger and become even more tenacious with every demon he kills. According to the games lore, this is the result of the Seraphim giving the Doom Marine the ability to absorb the souls of those he killed.

Argent Energy Absorption: The Doom Marine can absorb Argent Energy via his Praetor Suit, which reroutes it throughout the suits subsystems and into his body. This allows him to increase either his Health, Armour or Ammo to maximum levels.

Rune Absorption and Usage: Through some unknown means, the Doom Marine is able to use mystic runes that he gains upon completing trials. Once a trial is complete, the Marine can then use a rune to gain new abilities.

Powerup Usage: Whereas powerups (such as Berserk and Haste) in the game are described as killing or driving human users mad, the Doom Marine can use these without any trouble, sustaining full control and not taking any damage to either his body or mind from using such artifacts multiple times.

Master Combatant and Weapon Mastery: The Doom Marine is capable of using any weapon or firearm in his possession with master proficiency. He can use all firearms he comes across with great effect, while also upgrading and modifying his arsenal. He is also capable of carrying a vast amount of weapons, carrying up to 12 weapons including special weapons (Chainsaw and BFG) and grenades.

Advanced Intellect: The Doom Marine has shown to possess a high level of intelligence as he is able to use technology from other worlds with no signs of unfamiliarity, despite resorting to violence.

List the cons of the character(s) abilities and their weaknesses:

Size: To larger opponents. This could be seen as a weakness due to being only above average height of a normal human.

Personality: The Doom Slayer rarely works with others. And considers himself a one man army. Capable of falling a Titan of Hell on his own..Without a suit. Still, this leaves him at a disadvantage against what unknown evil he has to face in the real world.

Brutish: Prefers the simpler way. Even with his high intelligence. He'd rather slaughter his way out of a problem or break things to advance to his goal.

List the character's equipment (Guns, spells, armor, etc.):

The Praetor Suit: A suit created by a demon known as The Betrayer. It has the power to absorb Argent energy as well as various other evil powers to fuel the Slayer's power. Even thought it is considered armor. It can only sustain few attacks as the armor will wear down and must be restored with armor pick ups. It also provides him with a higher jump height and various upgrades to his surroundings (Maps, Secret locator, etc.)

The BFG, Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Pistol, Heavy Assault Rifle, Minigun, Plasma rifle, Gauss Cannon, Chainsaw, Fists. All with their own upgrades minus fists and chainsaw.

D&D alignment of your character(s) (Lawful good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc.): Chaotic good
(OPTIONAL): Link to character's wikipedia: (Character.) (Weapons and Equipment)
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Kravis' Application (GM) Empty Re: Kravis' Application (GM)

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:09 pm

The Reave is merciless, the chaos is relentless. But you, You will be worse. Rip n' Tear, until it is done.

The Doom Slayer takes a heavy toll from The Reave's power and loses the following abilities and items.

-Strength halved. Can't lift a semi-truck at least.
-Without Argent energy he can't power himself up, But he can find substitutes.
-Runes lost
-Power up times short
-Nerfed weapon load.
-Loses all weapons except his fists, super shotgun, and pistol.
-Loses all weapon upgrades.
-Praetor suit abilities dampened, Sustained damage in The Reave. Map not working, locators broken. Cannot access weapon upgrade points and armor upgrade points.
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