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Sargo's Application (Accepted)

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Sargo's Application (Accepted) Empty Sargo's Application (Accepted)

Post by Sargo922 on Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:30 pm

Steam Name: Sargo
Timezone: Central Time
Character(s): Samus Aran
Franchise: Metroid
Give a summary of the character(s)'s life in one paragraph or explain his origins: Samus Aran is a renowned Bounty Hunter and talented warrior, and compassionate woman. originally orphaned at the hands of the Space Pirate Ridley, she was adopted by the Chozo and raised on Zebes, learning their ways and how to fight and defend herself, eventually being infused with Chozo DNA and being gifted a suit of Power Armor. She eventually headed out into the stars, seperating from the Chozo culture and becoming a bounty hunter, she has then since faced off against fearsome foes such as Ridley and the Space Pirates, and untold horrors, such as the Metroids.
Give a summary of the character(s)'s personality: Samus is a general loner, often choosing to work by herself, and is considered a woman of few words by those who know of her. She possesses incredible drive, determination and willpower, however her past has taken it's toll on her, she has lost everyone close to her, leaving her emotionally scarred, she is difficult to form attachments with because of that.
List the abilities the character(s) has: Chozo, Galactic Federation Combat Training, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Strength, Expert Marksman, Talented Puzzle-Solver, Talented Hacker, Highly Adaptable to Combat and Enviroments
List the cons of the character(s) abilities and their weaknesses: PTSD(Mild), Difficulty handling personal loss, extreme anger towards certain individuals, ruthlessness against certain individuals
List the character's equipment (Guns, spells, armor, etc.): Chozo Power Suit(Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, Legendary Power Suit, Phazon Suit, PED Suit, Hazard Suit) Zero Suit, Power Beam(Charge Beam, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Plasma Beam, Wide Beam, Spazer Beam, Phazon Beam, Hyper Beam) Missile Launcher(Standard Missiles, Super Missiles, Seeker Missiles, Ice Missiles, Diffusion Missile(Ice Missile Upgrade), Special Attacks(Wave Buster, Ice Spreader, Flamethrower), Morph Ball(Morph Ball Bombs, Power Bombs, Spider Ball), Speed Booster(Shine Spark), Combat Visor(Scan Visor, Thermal Visor, X-Ray Visor, X-Ray Scope), Screw Attack, Space Jump, Grapple Beam(Grapple Lasso, Grapple Voltage), Paralyzer Stun Pistol
D&D alignment of your character(s) (Lawful good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc.): Neutral Good
(OPTIONAL): Link to character's wikipedia: (Character) (Equipment)

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Sargo's Application (Accepted) Empty Re: Sargo's Application (Accepted)

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:38 pm

Samus Aran finds herself ripped into The Reave.

You'll be losing the following abilities and Items in this process, but they can be acquired back. If you're lucky.

-Hacker ability, Your tools are fried and it takes longer to hack. Some are impossible without tools.

-Gravity and Legendary Suit
-Wave, ice, plasma, wide, spazer beams
-All Missiles
-Wave Buster, Ice Speader, Flamethrower
-Morph Ball bombs, Power bombs, Spider ball
-Shine Spark and speed booster
-Scan Visor is damaged, thermal visor is gone, You have X-ray but no scope.
-Screw Attack
-Grapple beam and upgrades

Everything else you retain.
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