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ATWAG Example of a IC post

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ATWAG Example of a IC post Empty ATWAG Example of a IC post

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:02 pm


Lord Gwyn peers around the desolated street in front of him in confusion. Street signs, traffic lights, mighty structures built out of strong concrete with a architecture that appear almost alien-like to people of his past age. He was in a place that could be described as completely unknown to him. And it is because of that that his hatred is growing. A God stuck within a strange land against his will and against his nature is enough to anger the so called "Lord of Cinder".

*The buildings around this particular part of Seattle saw the most degradation since The Reave. Nature had been empowered and vines, plants, and grass grew out of control. Covering apartment complexes and small stores with ease.*

Lord Gwyn continued on his walk down the street until he spots a some sort of human in uniform with a gas mask over their face and a odd looking mace that sparked with electricity stuck to their waist. Gwyn's old hatred of humans rose like dragon fire from his stomach. \"Even here in this strange landscape. I continue to procure thine vile kind here.."\ Gwyn took up his two-handed sword and rushed the human dead on. He takes his sword and swings over his head and brings it down towards the pitiful human.
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