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ATWAG Information and Forum post guidelines.

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ATWAG Information and Forum post guidelines. Empty ATWAG Information and Forum post guidelines.

Post by Kravis on Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:12 pm

What is All The World's A Game?

ATWAG Information and Forum post guidelines. F8750f29569cabd2e232637702bb4944

ATWAG is a forum roleplay made and moderated currently by myself. It's a simple little story rp thing that I made for people who wanted to do something in their off time or when they're bored when they're not rping on the gmod server or if they have nothing better to do while they're out doing something. It is not meant to replace the gmod server. As this setting wouldn't work in gmod anyways. It is a roleplay that, for once, allows you to pick a video game character that you've always wanted to play as and rp them in a setting that puts them out of their comfort zone. This however, means that you're expected to RP a character that you have the most faith in rping correctly as they would act for a authentic experience.

Rules as well as other info regarding characters will be found in the main application format page. This second half to help explain to those who have never forum rp'd before how to forum rp. Forum rp in itself is not that much different from regular server rping other than the lack of a actual gaming engine to play. Its way of dealing with conflicts, conversations, and events all occur within the forums and aren't suppose to pressure people to respond immediately. Instead. It is much more slower paced and allows you to fully express what your character is thinking, doing, saying, or just whatever you can think of what's going on around you in a single post. Below describes several functions used in the RP to clarify certain things happening in a post.

Underline - Underline is only to be used if a character is entering a new location or is exiting a conversation with another character or group. It helps others understand that your character is no longer present or is trying to leave and helps avoid mistakes in posts.

Italics - Italics is used to show what the character is doing or if combined with \"slash and quotations"\ is showing what the character is THINKING inside their head or what their thoughts are at the moment. Italics are mainly a action format. Examples:    Unknown walks up towards the burning car nearby and inspects the scene cautiously with his Lancer rifle. He thinks to himself \What the hell happened here?\

Bold - Bold is used for when a character is openly saying something out loud or when talking ("Quotation marks is for talking OUT LOAD in conjunction with bold as well.) to another character. Bold is also used with Italics when the action the character is doing is going to be directed towards another character or object. Examples:  Unknown spots a strange character off in the distance and rushes into cover. He pops out of cover yeling "Take this you maggot!" He then proceeds to fire at the stranger with his Lancer rifle.

Standard - The standard typing format. This is used for everything else not covered. If you want to describe the surrounding area, you need only type it out with this format. Typically it is also nice to use *asterisks* to show that *this* is describing something third person and isn't to be confused with IC actions. Examples: *The street nearby lays in ruins with nature beginning to overtake the concrete structures nearby.* Unknown walks through a alley covered in vines and remains cautious.

(Parentheses) - Used only for OOC questions or inquires during the rp, didn't understand something someone did? Put it at the top of your post or the bottom to clarify with something. Examples (I don't exactly know what that ability does but i'll do my best to react.)

-<If you have suggestions, feel free to add them here to make this easier to understand. It is a WIP.>-
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