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Gliese IV and Satellites

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Gliese IV and Satellites Empty Gliese IV and Satellites

Post by Vasiil on Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:16 pm

Gliese IV and Satellites Gas_giant_by_gugo78-d64on5g
Gliese IV
Planetoid Classification: Gas Giant
Orbital Distance: 23.27 AU
Orbital Period: 112.6 Earth Years
Radius: 66,341 KM
Day Length: 18.6 Earth Hours
Brief Description: Traces of sodium in the atmosphere give Gliese IV its overall dark grey color, but it is otherwise a typical hydrogen-helium gas giant. An abundance of water vapor in the upper atmosphere account for its white clouds. Gliese IV is not used for any resources and is currently under no exploration prospects.

Gliese IV Satellite: Glieme
Gliese IV and Satellites Sx7qXKW
Planetoid Classification: Moon
Orbital Distance: 23.86 AU
Orbital Period: 0.20 Earth Years
Radius: 5,621 KM
'Day' Length: 8.1 Earth Hours
Brief Description: Glieme is a small moon in the orbit of Gliese IV. The planetoid is completely uninhabitable, though a Oros Technologies Series 3 Biohabitation Dome has been erected on the surface. The area within the sphere is about 20 by 20 kilometers. This surface is used to house Oros Trading Company personnel from law practitioners to managers to miners. It is inhabited on average by about 10,000 people.

Gliese IV Satellite: OROS STATION
Gliese IV and Satellites Eead14673513ce76e2ce2ff76524ca87
Planetoid Classification: Asteroid Mining Unit
Orbital Distance: 23.91 AU
Orbital Period: 0.02 Earth Years
Radius: 1,091 KM
'Day' Length: N/A
Brief Description: Oros Station Gamma is a mining facility that is operated by the Oros Trading Company under UNSC sponsorship and to an extent, control. Thousands of personnel work at this facility running the machinery that mines into the Deuterium rich oversized asteroid that orbits Gliese IV. The station includes hangars fit for entire freighters, quarters, recreational areas, command operation centers, jails, UNSC MP and Oros Security Stations. There is also a ferry that travels between the station and Glieme's Biosphere.

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