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2 Colonies lost within months of each other

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2 Colonies lost within months of each other Empty 2 Colonies lost within months of each other

Post by Vasiil on Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:48 pm

2 Colonies lost within months of each other Latest?cb=20130614105912
October, 2547
Loss after loss and at a rate that seems to be increasing every day. It is no secret that we are losing colonies. The Covenant is ruthless and we've made sacrifices to keep the enemy at bay, so that we can build our strength that is needed to win this war. Skopje and Phoenicia have been lost within months of each other just recently. Though, we sacrifices were not in vain, valuable strategic resources were obtained from both planets and countless refugees are being employed to use these in the war effort.

Through loss we become stronger. We will fight planet to planet, we will make the covenant earn in blood every inch of human land. Already is the next line of defense prepared to hold the covenant at bay. Meridian, Yosisho and Pelion are all mounting some of the largest defence projects of the war as Reach continues to build up the massive ODP array and Eridanus Fleet. We remember our lost and carry a special place in our hearts for our impending vengeance.

This has been a UNSC Official public news and health broadcast.


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