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2 Month Timejump En Route to the Gliese System

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2 Month Timejump En Route to the Gliese System Empty 2 Month Timejump En Route to the Gliese System

Post by Vasiil on Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:46 pm

The crew of UNSC Naginata live two months of their lives while undergoing slipspace travel. During this time Sergeant Osborne has trained the marines in Fox Platoon as well as he can in ODST training. Every marine has now been trained in SOEIV insertion and small unit tactics to learn even more refined CQC and battle tactics.

New HUD pieces are issued to the each Marine. The MK2 VISR Huds are equipped with essentially the same technology that an ODST VISR has on a smaller scale. Each marine is trained in how to use them. HUDS come in the form of eyepieces or sunglasses with the tech built in depending on personal preference.

Individuals who have chosen to take certain particular actions are as follows.

Joseph Santiago works more closely with Sergeant Osborne as preparation for ODST training.
Morgan Shield also contributes to the training of the marines through physical training as well as sparring.
Lilith Kei trains herself in zero G enviroments, giving her an advantage in EVA situations and vacuum environments.

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