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Elite Minors

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Elite Minors Empty Elite Minors

Post by Lapis on Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:03 pm

The Sangheili, colloquially referred to as Elites, are a saurian species of strong, proud, and intelligent warriors, as well as skilled combat tacticians. They were one of the two founding races of the Covenant, the other being the rarely-seen San'Shyuum, or "Prophets". Elites are easily the most synonymous race with the Covenant, forming the backbone of their military, both ground forces and navy. The Elites fill roles ranging from squad leaders all the way up to commanding entire fleets, and everything in between.

Elite Minors are mentally, physically, and pragmatically the least-experienced warriors of the Sangheili; however, they are still fairly skilled in combat. Commanding the lowest rank within the Elites' hierarchy, roughly equal to that of a UNSC Sergeant, Minors carry Plasma Rifles and wear cobalt-blue armor. Minors are the only variation of Elite seen to be forbidden from carrying the lethal Energy Swords.

Elite Minors Latest?cb=20110121140342
Sangheili Minor taking aim with his Plasma Rifle
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