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Grunt Ultras

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Grunt Ultras Empty Grunt Ultras

Post by Lapis on Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:11 pm

The Unggoy, referred to colloquially as Grunts, are the lowest ranking species in the hierarchy of the Covenant, and are frequently seen being mistreated by almost every higher-ranking race. They are primarily used as expendable cannon fodder in combat. Grunts are quick to panic if their leadership is crippled, or they feel helpless against a superior foe. the Grunts breathe methane rather than oxygen, and wear breather masks and carry tanks of methane in their backpacks.

Grunt Ultras fulfill a similar to junior officers in the UNSC, commanding troops of other Grunts in combat. They wear slightly more efficient armors, colored in a lilac-silver sheen. They normally wear full EVA helmets and packs into combat, standing out from their lightly armored brethren.

Grunt Ultras Latest?cb=20100207062510
A typical Grunt Ultra wielding a Plasma Pistol
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